July 11, 2008: Baby Shower Madness

Today’s Music: Life in a Northern Town by Sunset Boulevard

My early morning support was canceled for this morning so I got to sleep in and relax for a little bit.  My boss decided that I was completely overworked this week and that I needed yesterday and today off from the extra hours but we couldn’t find someone to cover for me yesterday.

This morning I loaded up the iPod with tons of awesome 80s music to keep Min and I awake as we drive up to her parents’ house in Frankfort.  Hopefully traffic won’t be bad tonight.  It is not a holiday weekend so we are hopeful that it won’t be bad at all.

Dominica went into the office today thinking that she and the rest of the office were surprising her coworker on her last day before maturnity leave with a baby shower just to discover that they had all conspired against her to throw her a surprise baby shower as well!  So they had a double baby shower today and we received our very first baby presents.  They also have two cakes!

For lunch some of the guys went to Financier Patisserie down on Stone.  We sat out in the cafe and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.  The humidity that has been killing us has lifted for the most part and it is pretty nice outside.  I sure hope that it is nice for the weekend of camping.  It does not seem very likely.

The current weather projections for the weekend in Watkins Glen are that it will be quite hot tomorrow – a high of ninety-one degrees and pretty much straight sun.  Sunday we are looking at thunderstorms and hot with a high of eighty-five.  Then not so bad on Monday although we will be pretty tired of the weather by Monday, I’m sure.  As it is, last weekend was the first time – ever – that I have managed to go camping without it raining.  I love rain but not when I am in a tent and the humidity and heat and through the roof and everything that you are sleeping on is damp and you keep tracking mud and water into the tent no matter what you do.  Just imagine what a problem it is going to be having Oreo sleeping with us when his feet get all muddy.

Water is also going to cause problems with our electricals.  We are going to have to be very careful having the CPAP plugged in all night long.  I really hope that we manage to avoid the rain!  My track record does not indicate that we will.

I left Wall Street at six in the evening.  I’m posting as I walk out to be sure that this goes up before Monday.  I don’t know how much access that I will have over the weekend.  The plan is that I will be online all weekend but we have no idea before we get there.

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