July 17, 2008: End of House Hunting?

I had to be up before six thirty this morning as I am covering the early morning shift and boy am I ever tired.  I am glad to be home today especially because it is extremely hot here in the New York Metro area today and walking into the office would be awful.  I am not looking forward to tomorrow when it is supposed to approach one hundred degrees in Newark.  Ugh.

Oreo really didn’t need to be home today.  He had tons of energy all day and really wanted to play.  He was so adamant about getting my attention that he actually barked at me several times!  He has only done this two or three times in the three years that he has lived with us.  So he was really worked up today.  He is so cute when he gets so excited that he barks at you to make you play with him.  He actually took a run at me, jump up and bounced off of me while I was in my office chair and barked in my face and then stood over his binky ready to play!

Dominica had a doctor’s appointment today, but not an ultrasound, to check up on the baby.  Everything is good.  She has another appointment in four weeks.

After her doctor’s appointment, Dominica came home and picked me up and I took her to work and then came home so that I would have the car in the afternoon.  We have to drive up to Peekskill this evening and I have to have the car as Dominica’s work is on the way and it would take an hour or more longer for her to pick me up and then go all of the way back past Totowa.

I left Oreo at home as it is so hot outside and I drove up to pick up Dominica at four thirty.  From Totowa, New Jersey we drove on up the Palisades Parkway and over the Bear Mountain Bridge on the Hudson River to Peekskill, New York.  Today we are looking at one townhome that we had looked at previously and liked as well as four additional townhomes in a different development that we had not looked at before today.

It was way too warm for looking at houses.  Half of the houses had no air conditioning and being in then when they have been shut up and are all musty and hot and humid with no air movement at all is a bit much.  It was quite uncomfortable.

We really liked the new complex that we looked at.  It was gorgeous.  We did not like the homes themselves as much.  The prices were all over the place.  There is one home in that complex that we would consider, but we are pretty sure that we are actually most interested in the one that we looked at for the second time today.  Our plan is to make an offer on that house as soon as possible.  If that doesn’t work out as we hope then we have a perfectly viable option in the other complex.  We are definitely glad that we took the time to look in the other complex as we got a better price comparison and more of an idea of what is available in the area and how long things are typically sitting on the market.  There are several townhomes that have been on for over a year!

On the way home we stopped off on the Garden State Parkway and ate at Burger King.  That is really handy and we seem to always do that on the way from Peekskill back to Newark.

After we got home, Dominica went straight to bed and I did a little work and then was in bed around eleven thirty.  I would have been asleep long before but Oreo decided that he wanted a late night walk before turning in for the night.

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