July 16, 2008: Getting More Tired

Something happened and I got stuck writing yesterday’s post twice.  I must somehow have never saved it or something, which is strange as the system saves automatically.  Or maybe I did something weird causing the post to get overwritten.  Either way, I thought that I had Tuesday’s updates already posted and discovered that they were missing and wrote them again.

In the rewriting I forgot to mention that Socks, the little baby Boston Terrier who lives down the hall from us, came by after his vet appointment this evening to meet us.  He is so adorable.  Just three months old.  A tiny little Oreo.  He and Oreo played for a little while.  Oreo loves puppies and is so gentle with them.  It is incredibly cute watching Oreo play with the little, tiny Boston puppy.  It is so sad that we never knew Oreo at that age.  He must have been the most wonderful puppy ever.

I had to be up early this morning so that I could catch the train out to Warren.  I was completely exhausted.  We tried to go to bed early last night but I wasn’t able to fall asleep as early as I had hoped.  So I am short on sleep again.

Today was another busy day for me.  I was hopping all day from one thing to another.  That was good because it kept me awake.  Otherwise I would have been fighting not to fall asleep at the office.

I took the five o’clock shuttle for home and made it to Summit Train Station just in time to step right on to the Hoboken Express with no stops from Summit to Newark Broad Street Station.  I was home in no time – well okay, about an hour.  But much faster than usual.  And I made it just in time for Dominica to pick me up on the side of the road about halfway to the apartment so I didn’t have to walk as far as usual.

Dominica went to bed early and I stayed up late talking to Andy on the phone.  We started talking around nine thirty and ended up on the phone until after two in the morning!  I am going to be even more exhausted in the morning.  Tomorrow I am working the early morning shift so my day starts very early and then in the evening Dominica and I are going up to Peekskill to look at four more houses and one that we have seen before.

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