July 30, 2008: La Ti Da

I worked until one thirty last night and had to be up at five thirty this morning.  It was not a happy event, me pulling myself from my bed.  Just four hours of sleep, ouch.

Dominica was actually the one running late this morning so I didn’t get to catch the earlier trains like I prefer and had to take the 7:26 Dover train to Summit.  This line has fewer stops but it is just late enough that I have to take the next shuttle from Summit to Warren.

My shuttle driver this morning decided that even though it was eighty degrees and extremely humid that we, his passengers trapped in the airless metal box that he drives, did not need air conditioning or fresh air.  So the ride was rather unpleasant and very exhausting that early in the morning.  I started to feel a bit ill between the stale air, heat, humidity and the horrible jerking and swaying of the shuttle.  To exacerbate the issue the driver actually got lost and drove all over Summit before he figured out how to get out of town.  I almost panicked when he went to an entirely different company than where I work and I was sure that I had gotten onto the wrong shuttle but, it turns out, it wasn’t me that was confused today.

The weather is pretty nice today so I brought a real, paperback book rather than my iPod.  I got a chance to read quite a bit in Alistair Cockburn’s “Writing Effective Use Cases.”  I should be done with the book relatively soon.

Today was very busy but in a “catching up” kind of way.  I managed to work my way through my email so that, by the end of the day, I had only a tiny handful of emails left in my inbox, which acts mostly like my to-do list – enough that they easily fit onto a single screen.  It is pretty amazing to ever get my email queue so low when you consider the fact that I receive more than one thousands emails every day.  And at the office none of those are SPAM either.  That is all, actual mail from within the company.

I made it to Newark quite a bit ahead of Dominica so I had to walk from Broad Street Station to Eleven80.  It was pretty hot and muggy so I came home and took a shower before Dominica got home.  Once she was home we walked over to Food for Life to eat dinner there.

After dinner Dominica did a little reading and went to bed very early.  I spent the evening working.  Tomorrow I am doing the early morning coverage so I have to be working by six thirty.

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