July 31, 2008: Trying Twitter Again

I was pretty tired when I got up this morning.  I got almost six hours of sleep which is one of my best nights of sleep all week long.  I am really looking forward to the weekend.

Dominica decided that she was going to take the train up to Utica this weekend to visit her family before her sister, the girls and Garrett head back for Houston, but when she went to buy the tickets the train was sold out.

Today was my day at home with Oreo.  I just scrounged around the kitchen for food here today.  It’s cheaper and easier than going out I suppose.  Healthier, that’s for sure.

I was decently busy today.  Dominica’s day was actually a little slow it seems.  She needed that.  Her week has been pretty crazy.  Her job now is doing email / ticket support primarily rather than being tied to a phone.  This changed a few months ago.  She likes this as the work is a little less “real time” and there isn’t a phone ringing for her to “jump on” every few seconds.  But because she can work at her own pace and doesn’t have to wait for the work to trickle in she actually works much harder and, when the emails or tickets get caught up or the phone people call behind, she jumps back to the phones to help out.  So she can get exhausted easily.

Dominica brought home fish tacos from On the Border for dinner.  It is a common Thursday night treat for us since she works very near to an On the Border restaurant.  Her drive home was terrible, though, because of traffic from Bruce Springsteen whom I guess is playing at the Meadowlands tonight and American Idol is filming or something in Newark’s Prudential Center right next door.  So traffic is a mess everywhere and Newark is, of course, gridlock.

Once Dominica got home, we watched some of the second season of Frasier and relaxed for most of the evening.  I didn’t get to see much more than half of the first season, but I have just been far too busy to spend time watching that so Dominica has been watching it without me.

After Dominica went to bed around nine I stayed up working until almost midnight.  We are trying to get things moving at the school so that we have computers updated and ready for the kids when they return in late August.  More importantly, really, is getting computers ready for the teachers and staff.  Getting everyone else onto and using the computers regularly is actually more important because it forms a critical support structure for the kids to have computers at their disposal.

I played around with Twitter again tonight.  Haven’t tried it in over a year.  Microblogging is kind of interesting and I see it taking root within Facebook now as well.  I will see how Twitter works out.  Now there are badges so that I can add my Twitter feed to SGL.  Maybe I can do that this weekend.  That might make it more worthwhile for me to try.  I already blog so much I don’t want to be sending people elsewhere to see my microblog updates.

I can’t believe that July is already over.  This year is flying by.  The house move in October and the baby in November are going to be here before I know it.

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