August 12, 2008: I Can Has Job!

I had to get up this morning and drive Dominica to work so that I would have the car today.  I need the car because this evening Dominica and I are going suit shopping because we have Nadine and Clarence’s wedding this weekend and I don’t have a suit that fits these days.  I haven’t really needed one in quite some time – I wear my tuxedo regularly but not a suit.

Oreo is happy to be home, of course.  He would prefer if he only went to daycare three days a week at most and never two consecutive days, and he definitely would never voluntarily give up a sunny day at home laying in the living room.  I hope that the new house – assuming that we are still able to get it given all that is going on currently – has some good sunspots for Oreo.

The house is oriented on an angle with the front door facing northwest.  There are not many windows on the front of the house – just the kitchen and the master bedroom on the second floor.  So the second bedroom, the living room with the deck and the basement office area with the patio all face southeast.  In theory, this could mean some good morning sun for Oreo but unlikely any in the afternoon or evening.  The hill behind the house is heavily wooded, though, so that might limit Oreo’s sun expose.  He would be very sad.  I think that the deck gets quite a bit of sunlight.  He might use that extensively.  We might eventually add a second deck off of the second bedroom which would definitely get a lot of sun being so close to the roofline.  That would make Oreo very happy.

Dominica’s morning was incredibly busy at work today while mine was incredibly slow.  The fact that I did a ton of work last night playing catchup to make sure that nothing was left pending for me helped, to be sure.  In general just no requests or new work was coming in this morning.  One of the slowest mornings that I can remember, ever.

So last night I had a dream that there were two very large insects in the apartment running along the east wall above the windows and that I was in the living room watching them.  Then they got bigger and it turned out that one was a large bat and the other was a crow.  The bat tried to fly out the south window but was trapped and the crow flew at me and tried to attack my head with raptor like claws.  Crazy stuff.

I am doing a much better job these days of managing my email – both at the office and my personal email.  I have a tendancy to leave things in email as a sort of “to do” list and the email grows beyond the point where I can easily manage it and pretty soon there is no way to get anything done because of the email being everywhere.

My whole day ended up being relatively slow.  Almost no requests and no one looking for me.  It really felt like a bank holiday.

In the middle of the afternoon it actually happened… I got an email from my consulting firm asking me to call them.  They said that everything was completed, agreed upon and signed.  I have a contract again and am “back to work”.  I’ve been working all along but without knowing what the situation was going to be.  What a relief.

As soon as the stress passed the wave of exhaustion hit.  I haven’t been sleeping much the last few days and it wasn’t really hitting me because of the concern and stress but once those were gone it was a bit overwhelming.  I found myself mostly useless this afternoon.  Luckily there was really very little work to be done so I was actually staying completely on top of everything even being quite run down.

I left home at four thirty to go to Totowa to pick up Dominica.  We spent the evening shopping.  We bought me a new suit from Casual Male for the wedding (on Sunday, not Saturday like I have been saying.)  Then we had dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise where I have never before been.  Then we bought me a new pair of sneakers as my current ones are beginning to fall apart.

We got home and Dominica watched some Voltron and I did a little wrap up work before we called it a night.  My grandmother called and chatted for half an hour or so.  My cousin is moving to Albequerque, New Mexico very soon, but that was about all of the breaking news from Ohio.

I am posting quickly tonight as I am very exhausted.  More news tomorrow.  We are tired but very happy!

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