August 13, 2008: Getting Back to Normal

I didn’t get much of a chance to get sleep last night.  Went to bed after midnight and had to be up at five thirty this morning.  I was feeling pretty groggy as I pulled myself out of bed.

I am out in Warren, NJ today as usual for a Wednesday.  I was too tired to read a book and just spent the morning’s commute listening to “Shadow of the Silk Road” from Audible on my iPod.  I managed to finish reading that today.

I got out to Warren nice and early and had an incredibly slow day again.  This week must just be really slow.  Just nothing has been happening at work.  (Other than the obvious.)

For lunch, the gang headed out to Bombay for some Indian.  We can’t get Indian cuisine in Newark and any chance to get it is very much appreciated.

My afternoon was pretty slow and someone covered some of my five o’clock deployments so that I was able to run for the shuttle to catch the early ride home.  I caught the shuttle but when I reached the train station the train was getting ready to leave and I reached the door just as it closed.  So I had to wait for the next train and lost a good twenty minutes.

I got to Newark Broad Street Station and started walking towards home.  Dominica’s phone died and she decided to wait on the street to pick me up as I walked by her.  I had no idea that she was waiting for me because she had not told me that she was going to try to do that so I walked through the Rutgers campus and she never saw me.  She called to see where I was and I was already at Eleven80 in the elevator.  She had waited over half an hour for me just sitting in the car and we had missed each other.  That was crappy.

I was not hungry tonight so I just decided to skip dinner.  I ran down to the deli to grab dinner for Dominica at a quarter till nine and got her French toast and scrambled eggs.  She ate dinner and we watched some Frasier.  She has seen nearly twice as much of the shows as I have.  We are now on the fifth season.

Tomorrow I will be home.  In the morning I have to deal with the paperwork for the lawyers in regards to the new house in Peekskill.  We are getting closer.  We are so ready to be out of Newark.  We can’t wait until it is time to move.  The move itself will be awful but that can’t be helped.

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