August 15, 2008: Spending Friday at the Patisserie

98 Days to Baby Day! (26 Weeks Pregnant)

I discovered some of my Newark pictures being used by today.  Also found some of my pictures over at WorldFlicksSongKick used my photo from a recent concert at the Knitting Factory for promotion on their website.  Squidoo, the Internet Who’s Who directory, used some of the pictures from my teenage trip to Prince Edward Island for their page on famed Canadian author L. M. Montgomery.  An Israeli site called Nana10 is using a pick as well but I can’t figure out for what.  A picture of Oreo shows up in a discussion on dog harnessesFinanza and Borse uses one too.

I was pretty tired when I got out of bed a little after six thirty this morning.  I am covering the morning shift for someone this morning who is have transportation issues.

It is not nearly as hot in the New York Metro today as it has been recently.  Today is actually a pretty nice day.  Rain was expected but only a drop or two threatened this morning and nothing came down until late in the afternoon.

My iPod died on my on my way into the office so I didn’t get a chance to listen to my book for very long.  I did think to bring a charging cable so that I could charge it back up at the office.

For lunch, Ronak and I walked down to Stone, just south of Hanover Square, and had the Friday specials at the Financier Patisserie.  The crab quiche and the salmon sandwiches are amazing.

Overall it was the expected end of a very slow week.  There was a bit more work today than the other days but not that much.  Definitely slow for a Friday.

At three thirty, Katie and I met back down at Financier for afternoon tea.  We had coffee and gelatto.

Evening was normal.  Worked until about seven in the office.  Then Ronak and I went to the Full Shilling for drinks and fried mac-n-cheese on the way home.

I got home around nine.  We ordered in dinner from Nino’s and watched the first half of Harry and the Hendersons which we just got this week on DVD from Amazon.  I haven’t seen that movie since probably around 1992 at the most recent.

We didnt’ finish the movie and went to bed as soon as we were tired.  My alarm is set for five fifty-five tomorrow morning and I have a long day of work ahead of me so I need some sleep.  This is going to be a very exhausting weekend.

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