August 14, 2008: House Paperwork

99 Days to Baby Day! (25 Weeks, 6 Days.)

Oreo was very insistent this morning that we sleep in.  He was extremely snuggly and just wouldn’t let me get out of bed until eight.

Work was pretty slow again.  This week has been great for that.

A shipment arrived from Amazon today – the second half of the first season of The Love Boat on DVD, Harry and the Hendersons also on DVD, “Presentation Zen” and “Getting It Right: Business Requirements Analysis Tools and Techniques.”  Also arriving today is the new HP DL145 G3 server.

The big panic today was getting the paperwork ready with which the attorneys need to deal tomorrow.  That took a bit of work as we needed to get the paperwork overnighted and all of the shipping companies have abandoned downtown Newark leaving us with no easy way to send a package which was exacerbated by the fact that we don’t really have a working printer here.  Our lives are practically paperless at this point but sometimes that leaves us in a lurch when you have a company like UPS or FedEx that runs based on paper and we have no way to communicate with them because they simply require a printer for anyone not using one of their stores – which have all left the area.

So Dominica had to run to a UPS location to pick up a shipping envelope then had to do all of the prep work to get the envelope ready including printing out the label from work since I did not have a reliable method to print the shipping label myself.  I had all of the paperwork so she had to rush home with the stuff that she had, we put the paperwork in then I ran out to put it into the drop box.

The UPS drop box at 1160 Raymond Blvd. which is listed as having last pickup at eight o’clock online as well as on the big sticker on the drop box had already been picked up at six o’clock!  Thanks UPS.  Nice customer service.  So then I ran to 744 Broad and there the seven o’clock last pickup box had not quite been picked up yet so we mailed the envelope.

Dominica brought home are regular Thursday evening treat of fish tacos from On the Border.  Having discovered that she can get to On the Border quite easily on her way home when Oreo is home with me has added quite a bit to our food diversity which has gotten pretty important to us here in Newark.  Recently we have been eating later and later in the evenings which has only served to limit our food selections more and more.

We watched a bit of the fifth season of Frasier.  Then around ten o’clock, Dominica went to bed and I took Oreo for his evening walk and listened to some of “The Sex Lives of Cannibals: Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific” by Maarten Troost.  Then it was time for Oreo to go to bed and for me to head out to the living room office to work until half past midnight on some exam deliverables for the certification exam on which I am working these days.

Tomorrow I will be home in the morning as I am covering the early morning shift until around nine.  Then I will be going into Wall Street.  The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow.  I am looking forward to it not being so incredibly hot on my walk in to the office.  I enjoy the walk but I get so warm trudging through lower Manhattan with the heat and humidity of the city radiating off of every surface and the sun blazing down but with almost no wind.

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