August 19, 2008: Passing of Sadie

94 Days to Baby Day! (26 Weeks, Four Days Pregnant)

2 Days to Dominica’s 30th Birthday.  (Thursday!)

Today, sadly, the Grice’s had to put down Sadie, their spaniel.  They found her this morning more or less paralyzed.  She was only six years old.  Thet vet diagnosed her with three calcified discs in her back.  There was little to be done.

Sadie was a great dog.  A generally healthy, happy spaniel with big, loving brown eyes who was everyone’s instant friend.  She was sweet and loving and a friend of Oreo’s as well.  Sadie was Madeline and Emily’s little sister.  She will be very much missed.

I worked on Wall Street today.  Busy day, more or less.  Did a quick lunch of salad with the guys and then ate at my desk.

For afternoon tea, Katie and I met at the Financier Pattiserie and had iced coffees and gelatto.  The weather wasn’t too bad so we sat out on the street.  Katie took a picture – she is a foodie and likes to have pictures of her food experiences.

Iced Coffee and Gelatto with a side of Married Man

Financier has the best gelatto. Far better than anything I have ever had elsewhere. After our coffee and gelatto, Katie headed back to work and I went back in to pick out pastries to take home to Dominica.

The afternoon passed pretty quickly.  Taking a break to get afternoon tea helps to break up the day.  I only worked until a little after six which is not too bad.

I got home and we were talking about doing dinner with Ryan but Dominica had just heard about Sadie and had no appetite.  Being pregnant, the news was really rough on her.  I was sad but can distance myself from the situation enough to not make me too upset as there is nothing to be done.  No action that can help.  Dominica was extremely upset though and spent the evening just watching Netflix and The Love Boat in the hopes of finding distraction.  I spent most of the evening on the phone with Andy.

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