August 20, 2008: Wrong Station, Ooops

93 Days to Baby Day! (26 Weeks, Five Days Pregnant)

Tomorrow is Dominica’s 30th Birthday.

Happy Birthday Joe Tocco!  He is 23 today.

Dominica could not sleep very much last night as she was very upset about Sadie’s passing yesterday.  She was awake much of the night and she accidentally woke up Oreo at four o’clock this morning when then proceeded to wake me up as well.  Being awake that close to when my alarm would go off, at five thirty, made me unable to go back to sleep.  So I have been awake since shortly after four in the morning.

Today is my working in Warren day.  I took the train out to Summit, New Jersey, but today it was the “big” double-decker train and not the normal train that I ride.  Because of this, or at least that is my story, Summit’s train station appeared from a different angle and I was unable to find the Summit Train Station sign until it was too late and the doors were closing and I missed my stop!  Argh.

I rode the train one extra stop to Chatham, New Jersey, bought a ticket to return to Summit and took the next train back.  Missing the station was not really a very big deal as I lost no more than fifteen minutes, but it did cause a minor panic and cost me $1.75.

On the train this morning I finished reading “The Sex Lives of Cannibals” and began reading “Attila: The Barbarian King Who Challenged Rome” by John Man.  Sex Lives was very interesting; I really enjoyed it.  Looking forward to Attila.

Today was quite a busy day.  The morning just flew by – I barely noticed.  Lunch time came and three of us went out to Chipotle in Bridgewater.  I got a little car sick on the ride from a combination of being tired, being way too warm and riding in the back seat.  I felt a little ill all afternoon.

Today Jeremy and Tim were at Castile Christian Academy working on the electrical wiring that needs to be installed so that we can get the new computers installed for the new school year.

Michael has a new “photography” blog: CongoBoy.

I got to leave the office by car with a friend driving me to Newark just after five so I was actually home well ahead of Dominica.  I ordered in dinner from Nino’s so that it would arrive shortly after Dominica and Oreo would get home.  Dominica is really looking forward to trying the rigatoni in vodka sauce that I got on Monday and I am looking forward to having it again.  It is really delicious.

Dinner arrived and we settled in to watch some of The Love Boat.  We made it through one episode then I had to go work for the rest of the evening.

Ryan stopped by a little before ten and hung out for half an hour or less during which time I continued to work as there was much to do.  I worked until midnight.  It was a long day, but I got a ton of work done that otherwise would have been left until this weekend.  This weekend we are going to Frankfort to see Dominica’s family for her birthday.

For Dominica’s birthday I attempted to get her an Acer Aspire One laptop in pink but that color has not yet released (only sapphire blue and seashell white are available at the moment.)  So, rather than settling for something that she would like less than that we decided that it would be more prudent to order one the moment that they are available.

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