August 2, 2008: Lots of Work Today

Yesterday I finished reading “Writing Effective Use Cases” and today I started reading “UML for the IT Business Analyst“.  Gripping stuff.

Two new books arrived last night that I have had on order.  Jeffrey Gitomer’s “Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness” and “Customer-Centered Products” by Ivy Hooks and Kristin Farry.

My day started bright and early at seven thirty.  Nothing like getting home from the office at ten at night just to be logged back in again before eight in the morning.  At least I’m getting overtime which will help to pay for the house.  That bill will be coming up on us very quickly.

I worked from just before eight in the morning until after noon on a conference call.  That was painful and boring.  Then I took a bit of a break but settled back in to work for most of the afternoon.  There is just too much to do at the office.  No time for a break.

Today, in my ongoing quest to figure out how to make Twitter cool and fit into my daily life, I have installed TwitBin which is a Twitter Extension for FireFox.  Now my Twitter Feed just scrolls along the side of my screen and I can make updates at a moment’s notice.

I did some serious iPod loading tonight.  I downloaded a ton of books from Audible and copied them onto my iPod so that it would be ready for whenever I want to listen to them.  I also got all of the latest IT Conversations downloads and Prairie Home Companion – News from Lake Wobegon podcasts.  Those are the only podcasts that I find myself listening to these days.  IT Conversations requires quite a bit of time as it releases several hours of material each week.  It is roughly like reading a book a week.

Today is a bit of a family medical emergency day.  First I find out that my Great Aunt Betty is scheduled to go in for triple-bypass surgery on Tuesday.  Then, this afternoon, my father has a farm accident involving getting whacked in the head by the sharp end of a iron fence pole.  My Aunt Sharon and cousin Sara had to go over to make sure that he was doing alright.  He is okay not but he got his bell rung pretty hard for sure.

Dominica spend most of the day either watching the second season of Frasier or playing Paper Mario from the Nintendo 64 on our Wii.  She loves that game.  It is one of her favourites although today she stopped playing after just an hour or two because she got frustrated at one of the harder parts.  She also started knitting so that we will have some baby outfits knitted by her for the baby when it arrives.

At eight this evening, Facebook updated to a new interface in the middle of my using it.  That was surprising.  I am getting discovered on Twitter a bit too.  I was surprised at that.  Two complete strangers are following me now.  That is pretty neat.

I finished reading “The Hacker Ethic: A Radical Approach to the Philosophy of Business” this evening and began reading “Shadow of the Silk Road.”

I did most of an install of OpenSUSE 11 Linux onto Microsoft VirtualPC 2007 as a test run to generate installation documentation for Jeremy who is going to be doing installs down at Castile Christian Academy soon.

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