August 4, 2008: Zombies, Zombies Everywhere

Somehow Dominica and I both had zombie dreams last night!  It isn’t like we did anything to trigger them.  The only show that either of us has seen in the last few days has been Frasier and the only thing that I have been reading outside of technical manuals is “Shadow of the Silk Road”.  All very strange.

My dream involved being trapped in an old high school that was full of people.  I have no idea why we were there and I was thirty-two, not a high school student.  Somehow, in the cafeteria, some “tainted” soup was made that was contaminated with the virus or whatever caused people to turn into the zombie things.  It was a little like Resident Evil in that way.

We had warned people that this was going to happen.  I can’t remember why we were so sure that this was going to happen but in the dream I knew that this wasn’t the first outbreak.  This was actually the third outbreak that I had had to deal with and I had survived the first two and was now attempting to stop it from happening again by tracking down places of possible contamination or something like that.  Hey, its a dream.

The caffeteria was all dark and dank and something bad from a previous dream had happened there, but I do not have any actual memory of that.  There weren’t kids in this high school.  It was all adults just using a high school building (and eating nasty high school cafeterria food..hmmm.)

We fought back the zombie outbreak as best as we could but our space was really confining and we were losing.  Then suddenly, all of the remaining “survivors” were grabbed and pulled through the walls.  It was very weird.

It turns out that we lost the zombie outbreak and the zombies ended up destroying the planet and only a handful of people survived.  Eventually the people that were left were left with a planet that was mostly wiped out and was covered in contamination so nothing was safe even though the outbreak and ceased.  The government of the future was going to start a program of attempting to irradicate the virus but this group that had grabbed us knew that the program would actually cause the outbreak to happen again but no one was listening to them.  So they invented a time machine like device that allowed them to move in time within an incredibly limited space but they could not leave it, hold it for long or extend it beyond a few rooms where they had built the device.

The space that they had chosen was the school’s old locker rooms. So we were pulled into the locker rooms (pulled meaning people’s arms came out of the walls and pulled us through the walls – it was weird.)  There, in this safe “stasis state” they explained to us what had happened and how we had lost and how we had to win his time or humanity was going to be wiped out.

That is about all of the dream that I can remember.  They sent us back to “our time” to fight the zombie creatures but that is all that I can remember.  That is probably where I woke up.

I started work at seven thirty this morning.  I had checked my BlackBerry and there was already work pending so I go up and logged right in and got to work.

Oreo hid his face under the blankets when Dominica went to take him to daycare today.  He definitely wanted to stay at home.

I noticed from Owain’s FaceBook today that it is forty-nine degrees at his office.  For those who are not aware, Owain lives in the UAE and that means that that temperature is in Celsius!  For the American readers, that is one hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit!!

I did some more dishes today.  The kitchen is just out of control.  After this load we are on top of things again.  It is really Oreo’s fault.  He produces an inordinate amount of dishes – roughly twenty plastic containers and matching lids per week plus once weekly he generates a number of huge pots and pans used for cooking all of his food plus the utensils and blender needed.  It’s incredible that that little Boston Terrier uses more dishes than Dominica and I combined!

My afternoon was not horribly busy.  Oreo was in quite a mood and wanted to play a lot.  He was faking how tired he was this morning, I think, and really just wanted to stay home with me.  He had more than enough energy for two long walks and about an hour of play time before settling in to his afternoon nap.

Dominica came home and sat in the living room knitting while I worked until eight.  Then I went downstairst to the deli and got us each French toast for dinner and we rounded out the evening watching a few episodes of Frasier.  We decided to go to bed early.  I’m not sleepy so I will listen to an hour or so of “Shadow of the Silk Road” which is quite entertaining thus far.

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