August 5, 2008: It’s Cooking for Oreo Day

I was up right at seven today.  Up and moving.  Today turned out to be pretty busy so I am glad that I got up when I did and logged right in.  My entire day ended up being very busy.  I didn’t really get any time to myself.

Tonight is Dominica’s night to cook for Oreo.  Cooking his healthy stew is an all evening activity.  It also requires Dominica to go grocery shopping during the day.

My day was pretty long.  I worked until around seven in the evening.  Dominica came home and started cooking for Oreo right away.  It takes roughly three hours for his stew to be ready – then she has to blend it and put it into the containers to freeze.

I had a rough end of the day.  Just as the day was ending I found out that there is a very distinct possibility that my pay has been dramatically cut without any warning.  We were told that cuts were happening but I had assurance that I was not affected.  Tonight a new PO arrived and the rate was cut even after the assurances.  We don’t have any details and it might just be a mistake, but as it is the end of the day no one knows anything.  So now we have all kinds of stress caused by this potential issue.  🙁

In happy news, the Roku Netflix device is hitting the market.  Now you can enjoy the Netflix online service without having to use a computer – just plug in to a television or monitor.  Only $99 for the player.  A very good deal.  We are definitely planning to get one for ourselves.  We love our Netflix service.

We watched a little of the third season of Frasier tonight.  Then off to bed a little on the early side – although Oreo needed to be walked before going to bed.  That always makes it hard to fall asleep.

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