August 6, 2008: Lack of Sleep

I was pretty tired when the alarm went off this morning.  My Wednesday are so early!  I got up and got ready pretty quickly today.  Had to wait for Dominica to get ready.  She gets up about forty minutes after I do.  I fed Oreo his breakfast and got him ready to go.  He was bouncing off of the walls yesterday so he definitely needs to spend the day at daycare today.  He needs to burn off some energy before tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am working the early morning shift so I will be up at six thirty to start my day.  After work I am heading out to Jersey City to meet a colleague for drinks.

Dominica managed to drop me off in time to catch the early train which was nice.  I got to Summit  and the shuttle was not there and I had to wait for about half an hour before it arrived.  I was a bit worried that they were not running anymore and that I was stuck just standing around in Summit.

Today is Dominica’s one year anniversary with her consulting firm.  No cake at work for her today.

My day was actually very busy.  My “average” day consists of software deployments, paperwork and some general technology guidance.  Nothing overly strenuous.  Today was very different and was almost an entire day of really deep troubleshooting.

For lunch, four of us went out to a nice Mexican place to which I have not been before.  The food was really excellent.  I ordered bean enchilladas.  Yummy.

This afternoon, Jeremy was at dad’s house doing OpenSUSE 11 Linux installations.  He has about a dozen computers over there that he is trying to get ready for Castile Christian Academy that he will be installing over there very soon.  Most of the machines are in the Pentium III 667MHz to 1GHz range.  Nothing new at all but it is surprising how well a nice 1GHz PIII with 512MB or PC133 memory will perform with a nice, conservative Linux installation even with a really nice, gorgeous desktop.  We are using KDE 4.0.3 for the school this year.  It is a bit aggressive for their needs but so far we haven’t seen any problems with it and we are looking to move them towards more modern technologies sooner than later.

My afternoon was very busy and I ended up getting stuck in Warren later than usual.  I caught the five thirty shuttle which put me on the regular Hoboken train rather than the express.  It was around seven, I believe, when I got back to Eleven80 in Newark.

Dominica and I were both really tired and neither of us felt like going out for dinner or ordering anything in.  So we opted for peanut butter and honey on English muffins.  It is called taking the easy way out.

I worked, for the office, until half past midnight.  Chris was online working with me the entire time.  What a long night it was.  I was completely exhausted by the time that I finally went to bed.  And tomorrow I start my shift at six thirty in the morning.  Ugh.

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