September 1, 2008: Labor Day

81 Days to Baby Day! (28 Weeks and 3 Days Pregnant)

I got up early this morning – before eight!  I was pretty upset from finding out that HP had mislead me pertty severly and that I had a lot of work that I had to do today before we could leave dad’s house.  So I got right up and got to work.

Once Dominica got up we all drove over to Geneseo to go to the Omega Grill for another breakfast.  As we often do when we are there, we ran into Becky who used to work with me at Pizza Hut in Geneseo circa 1995, right after I had dropped out of GMI and hadn’t started at MCC yet.  She had her baby and little boy with her.  Everyone has kids these days.

After breakfast we drove over to Lakeville to see if the Benjamin Moore store was open.  It was not.  So we went to Walmart and picked up some paint samples and bought some velcro so that we can finally attach our EZPass to the windscreen of the BMW.  I can’t believe how long we have failed to do that.

Then it was back to dad’s house where I spent the entire afternoon working on getting that server to work sans Xen.  We ended up getting pizza from Davis’ for dinner.  I really miss their pizza when I am away for a while.  It is so delicious and a completely different flavour and style than you can get down here in the New York Metro.

I worked for a few more hours after we ate.  It was pretty late when we finally left.  Maybe almost seven in the evening although I am not really sure of the exact time.

We stopped in Kanona, New York for energy drinks and snacks for the ride in the car.  Other than that we zipped right along towards Newark.  There was no real traffic.  It was surprisingly light for a holiday weekend.

It was around one thirty in the morning when we pulled into Newark.  We unloaded the car and I walked Oreo.  Dominica went to bed at two in the morning and was really exhausted.  I could not quite sleep yet, having driven for the past six hours and having drunk an energy drink, so I stayed up till after two thirty and finished reading Garr Reynolds’ “Presentation Zen.”

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