September 10, 2008:

72 Days to Baby Day! (29 Weeks and Five Days Pregnant)

Nationalism and Patriotism are not synonymous, in fact, they are quite often mutually exclusive.

Got to bed pretty late last night, was doing a Solaris 10 installation until two in the morning.  This is was first serious Solaris 10 on AMD64 installation.  I’ve always used Solaris on Sun UltraSparc processors.

I got up and logged into the office at seven this morning.  I did the usual morning cleanup and was just about to head out to the office when someone sent me a schedule for morning deployments that would start before I could reach the office and would last for most of the morning.  So I was stuck working from home until almost lunch time.

I did a Red Hat / CentOS 5.2 Linux build this morning.  It has been a busy week, apparently.

The weather is pretty nice today.  Bright and sunny and the air is nice and cool.  Not autumn crisp or anything yet, but not so warm as it has been.  Summer is finally wanning.

I made it to the office just in time to log in, answer my email and walk right back out again to get lunch.  Just went for a simple tuna fish salad on an organic mescalin salad that I brought back and ate at my desk.

I was in the office until around seven or a little thereafter when Ronak and I went out to the Full Schilling for a few drinks – they have Old Speckled Hen on draught there – and some salads for dinner.  It is a big salad day for me, I guess.  I had the “Big Ceaser” salad with a huge slab of salmon on it.  It was quite good.  I got a salad “to go” for Dominica as well.

Anytime that I leave the office late it takes forever for me to work my way back to Newark.  Over an hour even in the best cases.  It was almost nine thirty when I finally got back home.

FireFox 3.0.2 beta is out.  We discovered this when Dominica’s laptop automatically updated to it.  We didn’t realize this before but because she was a beta tester for FireFox before 3.0 released they automatically update her ot beta releases now while my machine only updates when new production releases come out.

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