September 11, 2008: Seven Years

71 Days to Baby Day! (29 Weeks and Six Days Pregnant)

My friend John introduced me, and then I introduced Dominica, to Hulu which is an advertisement-driven web-based television system.  Hulu was created by NBC, and is used heavily by FOX, to be their online delivery mechanism.  It is pretty well done and delivers shows in 480p and works pretty well.  It isn’t as nice as other delivery mechanism and is really just a transitional phase for the medium, but it delivers on-demand shows in an easily consumable format.  The real issue with this as with many of these “lock down” formats from the big media vendors is that they are not easily accessible through traditional physical formats – watching Hulu on a television in the living room with a remote with your family is cumbersome and very challenging.

My day was pretty slow today which I needed.  Oreo was really glad to be home today as he had a long week of daycare with fewer breaks than usual.  He’s been very tired.  This afternoon we managed to actually take a nap.

Dominica came home and was really tired.  She watched some of the nineteenth season of The Simpsons on Hulu but went to bed around eight thirty.

This evening, in remembrance of the World Trade Center attacks seven years ago, the World Trade Center construction site has their work lights pointed to the sky.  I checked around eleven thirty tonight and yes, you can see the lights from our window here at Eleven80 in Newark, New Jersey.  They are not really bright from here but you can clearly see two lights shining into the sky from behind the Newark Legal Building – near Penn Station connected to the Gateway Centers.

I stayed up late this evening working on some server builds for the office.  It was just after one thirty when I finally headed off to bed.  As I headed off to bed I noticed that the cloud cover is a bit lower now and the lights from the WTC can be clearly seen lighting up the clouds above lower Manhattan.

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