September 14, 2008: The Fall of Wall Street

68 Days to Baby Day! (30 Weeks and Two Days Pregnant)

It turned out to be a very good thing that we went to bed so early last night – I was paged out twice after having gone to bed and Oreo got me up once to take him out for a walk and once again for a house inspection.  So my night was full of interruptions.

I slept in until a little after noon today.  Dominica got up around ten thirty and tried to be quiet around the house knowing that I really needed the time to catch up on my rest.  I was just exhausted.  Oreo stayed with me almost all morning before moving to the living room for some sunlight.

Dominica spent the morning doing laundry.  There was no opportunity to do any yesterday,

For lunch (breakfast?) I went down to the deli downstairs and got myself a big salad with tuna and Dominica an egg salad on a bagel.

I uploaded a handful of pictures that I took in Manhattan on Friday to Flickr this afternoon.  I added several of them to Friday’s post.  The post was so long with nothing to break it up so I figured that some pictures would help.  I took pictures at lunch and on my walk to lunch.  I would have gotten a lot more but it was raining and I did not feel like getting rain on the camera lens.

Today is my homework day.  My homework is due today and cannot be pushed off any longer.  I had hoped to have been able to have done it on Friday night, but quite obviously there was no way for me to have done any homework on Friday night.  So I am stuck doing it today in a bit of a panic.

Dominica left to go up to West New York, New Jersey for Dunia’s baby shower today.  Oreo and I stayed home. There was no way that Oreo could be left home alone again today.  He would be very cross with us if we even though about that!

I spent the entire afternoon working on my homework – from around four in the afternoon until almost ten thirty at night.  It was a long day, but I completed the work that I needed to do.

The big news this weekend is that Lehman Brothers, the giant American investment bank, has collapsed and is not being rescued.  Wall Street opened the derivatives markets today so that the banks could start disconnecting themselves from Lehman before the general markets open tomorrow morning.  The financial houses are working full steam all weekend so I was online all last evening, overnight and all day today until midnight helping to support production.

Because of market volatility I am going into the office early tomorrow.  I have to be up around five in the morning so that I can get to the office.  So we watched a little Frasier  and were off to bed.

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