September 24, 2008: We Found Davey and Goliath

58 Days to Baby Day! (31 Weeks and Five Days Pregnant)

My back was still awful this morning when I got out of bed.  It was hard to sleep last night because it hurt so much.  But by two thirty in the morning I was able to feel it improving so at least I knew that it would be getting better even if it still hurt a lot.

My work day started at six thirty this morning.  Quite an early start after a couple of really busy days.  The upside is that any overtime that I can rack up this week will be very, very appreciated as I believe that this is the last week of work that I will do that will count toward money that we will have in hand for our house closing.

Speaking of our house closing, we are three weeks away today from the original proposed closing date and we have yet to hear anything different.  So we are assuming that we are still on target to close in three weeks.  Hopefully I will have a chance to get more information about that tomorrow.

Oreo was very excited to get to go back to daycare today.  He was up and ready to go this morning without even trying to get back into bed like he usually would try to do.  Dominica said that when Oreo got to Doggie Paradise that the other dogs inside were barking at him because they knew that he had arrived.  He started barking back to them like a conversation.  It seems that they have missed each other and that he has been away for too long.  He is a very social dog.

Work was not too busy today even with the catch up work that I had to do from being away from the office for the past few days.  It really just felt like a Monday morning to me.  I am going to be very happy in two days when my body realizes that it is the weekend again already.  Only three days of work this week!

I found out today that I was overpaid back in March and that I have to pay back out of my next paycheck just over one day’s pay.  I can’t really complain as we have had access to the money all this time but after six months you sure do not expect to suddenly lose pay that you have had all of this time.  Just over one day of pay is no big deal but when it is in the home stretch to closing on the house it is just another big monetary surprise.

These final few weeks leading up to the house closing have just been one financial surprise after another.  The tires and miscellaneous car stuff was one big one – right after we had had the car inspected so that we were sure that they were not going to hit us until the spring when the BMW would come out of storage.

My college, RIT, did the “no scholarship” thing this semester which is always painful.  It isn’t that I lose my scholarship but that I have to pay for this semester completely up front and I will get reimbursed sometime around January.  Long after I need the money for the house.

The big, final surprise is that the closing on the house is more than double our original estimated cost and several thousand dollars more than what we had thought that it was going to be just a week ago.  We’ve been “surprised” with more financial mishaps in total than we thought that the closing was originally going to cost – and that is before the closing doubled in total cost.  So all in all we are stuck raising more than three times the total amount of money that we had thought that we were going to need.  This is not fun.

Working the early shift often results in me working an extra long day.  Today was no exception.  I worked an even twelve hour day today from six thirty to six thirty whilst eating lunch at my desk and working while I ate.

Dominica had a doctor’s appointment today.  Just a regular checkup.  Everything went well.  She is gaining weight finally so no more worries there.  For quite some time she was actually losing weight or holding steady, but now she is gaining normally.

The baby has been super active for the past two weeks.  Constantly dancing in there.  It is really weird.  It doesn’t take any work to “feel the baby kicking”, you can see the baby kicking!  That baby gets more exercise than I do.

Once Dominica got home we ordered in dinner from Eli – eggplant parm subs and large tossed salads – and settled in for the evening watching the pilot episode of Magnum P.I. Dominica has only ever seen a single episode of Magnum so we are starting from the beginning and she is getting to know the show.

After Magnum we were surfing through the AppleTV Podcast directory and what a surprise – the 1960 stop-motion television show Davey and Goliath was at the top of the list as one of the most popular podcasts on the AppleTV!  When I was young D&G was one of the shows that I would often watch on network television on the weekends.  The show was made from 1960 until 1975 so did not feel as old as it might have even given the stop-motion animation.  Many shows of that style, mostly Christmas specials, were still very popular when I was little.

You can check out the new Davey and Goliath Podcast on the Miro Directory.  From this, it would appear that the podcast is a brand new effort.  The D&G website has not yet been updated with information pertaining to the podcast.

Tonight is an early to bed night for us.  I have been pretty tired all day.  Dominica is always tired as you can imagine being this far into the third trimester, and I am exhausted as my back just needs time to heal and it has not been getting it thus far.  A couple long nights of sleep will probably do the trick.  Too bad I have homework due on Friday so I have to do it tomorrow whether or not I have any extra time to spare.

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