September 25, 2008: Still Some Bad Back Pain

57 Days to Baby Day! (31 Weeks and Six Days Pregnant)

Happy birthday to semi-regular reader Jeremy Richardson!

Even going to bed around ten the morning alarm came way earlier than expected.  Getting up this morning my back feels as though it has improved some but overall it still feels pretty bad.

The weather has turned much cooler today and the apartment is actually a little chilly for a change.  I am happy about that.  I am tired of the heat here in the city.  Because of the child safety windows in our building (we have no screens and they are important as Oreo could, in theory, call out an open window) we get very little airflow even high up here looking over the city.

Dominica convinced me to start taking ibuprofen to reduce swelling in my back just in case this is spinal related and not muscle related.  It has probably been seventeen years since I have had ibuprofen in my system.  Seems strange to be taking it.

We got a little news about the new house today.  We are still attempting to get an official and final closing date but we know that everyone is shooting for sometime between October 7th and October 15th.  That is the week window and I guess that everything looks good for us to be able to hit that.  Getting the house a few days early would not be a bad thing.  It would give us time to strategize and some opportunity to haul some items from Newark to the house in the Mazda PR5 before the real move happens.  A few car loads ahead of time can really make things a lot easier, especially considering how little we actually have in the apartment.

We had a production issue today that kept me on the phone for most of the day.  In some ways that makes the day seem to pass more quickly but mostly it just makes it hard to get all of the things done that need to be completed in the day as it is pretty much impossible to do anything useful while on a conference call.

Today was another long one.  I didn’t even get to leave the apartment for lunch today or anything.  I ended up working for the office until seven in the evening!  What a long day.

Dominica brought home dinner from On the Border.  I watched some of one episode of Magnum P.I. with her while we ate but had to get back out to the office in the living room before the episode was much more than halfway through.  She watched more after I left.  I have watched the first several seasons of Magnum P.I. without Dominica and she has never seen the show so she is now catching up with me so that we can watch the rest of the show together.

I got paged out twice this evening.  It is so hard to really get into anything, like my homework, and manage to really wrap my brain around it as I am constantly being interrupted.  While trying to settle in to my homework this evening I had the pages, had to feed Oreo his two late meals, had to walk Oreo in the rain, etc.  Each interruption is tiny but each one breaks my chain of thought and it takes fifteen minutes for me to figure out what I was thinking about and upon what I was last working.

I worked on my homework until eleven twenty.  That was about all that I could handle for the night.  I am very hopeful that I will have a chance to work on it tomorrow morning.  It has to be turned in tomorrow so I only have so many choices.  I am somewhat thankful that I am on the early shift this week as that is actually likely to create more time for me to work on the homework than I would normally have.  It is also getting me some desperately needed overtime this week.

I went back to Monday’s post and added in a picture of dad’s Mercury with the server cabinet mounted onto the trunk lid just before we drove on down to Castile with it.  If you did not see the picture, it is well worth checking out.  Imagine us driving from Peoria to Castile, New York with that huge chunk of steel mounted to the trunk of the car with Dominica and I following in the BMW!  People had to think that we were completely insane.  People at the office thought that we were crazy when I showed them the picture.  Most people’s reaction was “that must have scratched up that car horribly” but, in the end, there was not a single scratch on the car from the cabinet.  Although my back continues to feel it.

I am continuing to take ibuprofen to bring down any potential swelling in my back.  As far as I can tell, it is helping.  I think that I will be in pretty good shape by this weekend.  I sure hope so at least.

Tomorrow, Dominica has to take a half day from work and drive up to Peekskill in the afternoon to meet with our insurance agent about her transferring from a doctor in Newark up to a doctore at Hudson Valley Medical Center.  So she will likely be home rather early.  That means that Oreo will be able to stay at home tomorrow instead of going to daycare.  That will help offset the loss of hours and the gas up to Westchester just a tiny bit.

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