September 27, 2008: Super Foggy Day

55 Days to Baby Day! (32 Weeks and One Day Pregnant)

Got up at eight this morning to work.  Saturday morning work really is not so bad, especially this week when we need the money so badly.

There was a crazy amount of fog here in Newark this morning.  As I came out to the living room to get to work I was greeted to a completely white world outside.  I had to walk very close to the window before I could see a building close enough to us to be visible at all.  Only those buildings directly adjacent to us are poking out of the mist.  Everything else is completely obscured.  Very strange living in a place with a view that regularly varies from hundreds of feet to around twenty miles are so!  The variance is quite amazing on a day to day basis.  This is pretty extreme though.

It is strange that I am amazed by this because growing up on the farm we had a far farther view close to thirty or forty miles to both the north and the south and a good ten miles east.  I think being in a high rise eliminated the gradual drop off of visibility and makes it occur in steps that cause it to seem to be more pronounced.  Manhattan, for example, can disappear all on its own while leaving Newark visible.  Buildings disappear one block at a time not gradually inch by inch.

My morning work lasted until around eleven.  Then it was time for my homework.  I did my class reading assignment and put some thought into my homework but never really had a chance to work on it directly.  That will have to wait until tomorrow.

I ended up working almost a full day today for the office.  As one thing would end another would begin.  It was a really long day.  At least the weather was really nice.

I lost some ground on my back today.  It was doing pretty well yesterday but today it is hurting a bit again.  So I am continuing on my regimen of ibuprofen.

Dominica did lots of laundry today.  We tend to get pretty backed up on laundry if we travel at all.  She also gave Oreo an herbal ear cleaning with a new dog ear cleaning solution that she found from Halo recently.  He didn’t really like it but it did seem to reduce the amount of ear itching that he has been doing.

Dominica spent a lot of the day watching Magnum P.I. She is starting to catch up with me a little bit.  I think that I watched four seasons without her.  If I remember correctly, I watched most of those when I was living in North Brunswick, New Jersey by myself in early 2006.

I put in a bunch of time this afternoon working on the server at the school in Castile.  I installed Squid and got it set up to run as the school’s proxy server so that the students can get online again.  We use a whitelisting system where we approve web sites ahead of time and block all others which is the opposite of most people’s approach of block sites that they don’t want and allowing everything by default.

For the past few years we have been using DansGuardian for this type of web filtering but we are going with just plain, simple Squid which is a bit easier to manage.  I prefer not having the extra piece of software to deal with if at all possible and since we only do whitelisting it really is easier just to use Squid for that.

I also did a bit of work creating a build script for the school this afternoon.  We have a single script which will run, applying all needed packages and setting up each of the computers which helps us keep the entire environment completely identical and gives us a means for rebuilding and/or repairing machines very quickly.  It is going to be very, very handy once it is all done.  I am hoping that I will be able to run it by Monday or so.

For dinner we decided to be lazy and to just get tuna salad sandwiches from the deli in our apartment building.  Getting food from their is cheaper than most places that we might try to go to (or order from) and only takes a few minutes.  The food is pretty good but the selection is nothing exciting except for the fact that they do do breakfast all day long.  So eggs, pancakes, french toast, etc. along with grilled cheese, tuna salad products, egg salad and tossed salads, but that is about all that they have for us vegetarians.

I went down and got food and then we spend a while watching some of Magnum P.I. and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Season Two on our AppleTV.  My back was really bad this evening.  I was barely able to walk and seeing as we have no chairs in our bedroom, which is the only room in which we can watch AppleTV or DVDs, I had to sit on the bed propped up against the wall which didn’t do much to help my back situation.

I worked on the CCA script on my OLPC while we watched AppleTV.  I was not very productive but it makes me feel a little bit better to at least be doing something.  I did get some work done just not nearly as much as if I had been not watching AppleTV.

Tonight is Katie’s 30th birthday party up in Haverstraw.  We had wanted to go but Dominica really is not up to doing anything extra in the evenings and it is not like she could drink either, and neither could I unless I was going to make Dominica drive which we try to do as little as possible.  It definitely turned out to be the right decision not to go to the party tonight as originally we had though that both my back was going to be a bit better, rather than quite a bit worse, and we thought that I was just working for two hours or so this morning and not almost eight hours!

Tomorrow I need to finish up my week’s homework and do more CCA preperation work for Monday.  We are hoping that most of the computers will be usable on Monday for the students.

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