September 26, 2008: Debate Day

56 Days to Baby Day! (32 Weeks Pregnant)

It is a cold and rainy morning here in the New York Metro area.  I am very excited that summer seems finally to have broken and the nice weather has begun.  It is amazing how happy a nice, cool day can make me.  We have the windows open and I am wearing a fleece in the apartment – just as it should be.

We decided that because of Dominica and my schedules today that Oreo could skip daycare and stay at home.  He loves his lazy mornings when he does not have to leave his cocoon of fleece blankets on our bed.  He is like a babe in swaddling in there with just his nose protruding to get him fresh air.

My back seems to have improved a bit this morning.  Impossible to tell for sure.  It seems to get better throughout the day and then be worst in the mornings.  Perhaps that is because of the stress of getting out of bed after it has sat mostly motionless for so long.  I am still taking ibuprofen today.  Maybe I can cut that out tomorrow.

My morning at work, which started at six thirty, started off nice and slow.  Friday morning are usually slow but you never know what can happen.

Dominica left work around noon  to go up to her new doctor’s office in Peekskill where she was supposed to meet with their insurance specialist.  But that person didn’t come to work today so she has to drive all of the way up there just to fill out some paperwork.  Clearly this clinic doesn’t think that women should have jobs and should spend their time spinning their wheels at the doctor’s office for no reason.

In a cruel twist of ironic fate, after years of living in Newark and having one fender issue after another with the BMW, we are just days away from moving to Peekskill and Dominica has a small parking accident with the BMW and does some fender damager – in Peekskill, of all places!  At least we didn’t get the car fixed yet from all of the other issues before this happened.  That would have been really depressing.

Today was another long day but that is not surprising.  There is no way to shorten a Friday and when I work the early shift it is just that much longer.  Today was a good thirteen hours after two twelve hour days, and tomorrow I start again at eight in the morning.

I spent a couple of hours working on my homework.  We had a major assignment due today (Friday) and have our regular assignment due in two days (Sunday) so it is a busy homework week for me.  I got my homework done and submitted around nine thirty which was much earlier than I had thought that I would be able to complete it so I was pretty happy.

Dominica spent the evening watching “television”.  First she watched some Kitchen Nightmares on Hulu and then watched the fist disc of the second season of Bones which had just arrived today from NetFlix.  After that she watched the final few episodes of the final season of Frasier which I had watched without her last week.

Kevin and Ryan were over at the new sports bar that has recently opened in the space where the Savoy used to be.  The Savoy was a nice restaurant, a bit overpriced, but a good addition to downtown Newark.  Adding yet another competing bar doesn’t seem like a good idea.  There are so many bars here and so few restaurants that they are just taking each other’s business rather than adding anything to downtown.

By the time that I realized that Kevin and Ryan were trying to reach me they had already left the bar and were down in the lounge watching the presidential debate between McCain and Obama.  So I changed my clothes and went down to the lounge to watch the debate.  Believe it or not, tonight was the first time that I have ever seen Barrack Obama on television and the first time that I have seen McCain on television related to this year’s election!

After the election we tried to go over to Sculley’s which had said that it would be open until midnight but, as always, it was closed when we got there even though it was just ten thirty.  I imagine that they will be out of business soon.  They aren’t open weekends ever and now we have problems going there on weeknights too.  It takes some serious effort to be able to get into Sculley’s, I have no idea when they are open or why.  So we went over to the Key Club instead.

We had a few drinks and appetizers and stayed until around midnight.  I couldn’t stay out any later than that as I have to be up to work at eight in the morning.  Tomorrow evening is Katie’s birthday party up in Rockland County, New York.  We are not sure whether or not we will be able to make it.  We are trying to go but will have to play it by ear.  It will depend heavily on my work and homework situations.

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