September 28, 2008: Another Long Homework Day

54 Days to Baby Day! (32 Weeks and Two Days Pregnant)

Time is flying.  The house should close, in theory, in under two weeks.  That doesn’t seem even remotely possible with how little communications we have had about it thus far.  It almost doesn’t even seem real given how little we have been hearing.  But the target date from the sellers is in nine days and the target date from us is in sixteen days and it is likely to be somewhere in between the two dates which is very, very soon.

We all slept in very late this morning.  I need more time sleeping to give my back a chance to heal.  It does feel much, much better today so I am hopeful for a quick recovery.  I am still on ibuprofen just to be safe.  No reason to push it.

Today was one of the most humid days that I have ever seen.  When we woke up there was water on everything.  The windows were all steamed up, our glasses were steamed up, the glass on the shelving unit in our bedroom was steamed up – even the television was covered in fog!

More homework for me today.  No escaping homework on Sundays.  Just can’t happen – not with online discussion groups that only have discussions on Sundays.

This afternoon I finished reading “Professionalizing Business Analysis: Breaking the Cycle of Challenged Projects”.  I’ve had a couple of books all being read at the same time recently which has slowed me down a bit, so I am glad to have one of them out of the way.  I am in one of me indecisive reading moods recently.

Today was a rather uneventful day.  Dominica watched a lot of Jericho on Hulu and I spent the morning working on scripts for the school in Castile and the afternoon and evening working on homework.

We were lazy and ordered in dinner from Nino’s and watched some of Magnum P.I. on the AppleTV.  Dominica watched for a few hours after I went back out to the living room office to keep working on homework.

Manhattan looks amazing tonight.  The Empire State Building is obscured behind the clouds and mist but its spire is visible and the bright shine of the cloud just above it that is completely lit by its lights.  Enchanting.

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