September 29, 2008: Record Market Crash

53 Days to Baby Day! (32 Weeks and Three Days Pregnant)

I didn’t wake up this morning until seven thirty.  My back feels a bit better today and I am going to make an attempt at walking into the office on Wall Street.  This will be quite the challenge.

The walk into the office actually went pretty well.  It was a bit warmer out today that I had anticipated.  It actuall climbed into the seventies here today.

I was listening to Stack Overflow Episode 22 (I listen to them somewhat out of order sometimes) in which Joel was talking about the new offices of Fog Creek Software.  I knew that they were moving to new offices but had no idea that they were moving into my neck of the woods down at 55 Broadway.  I was practically walking past the front of the office when he said it on the podcast!

Even stranger is that I was talking to Katie today and learned that she has an office at 55 Broadway that she is going to this afternoon.  So she and Joel Spolsky actually work in the same building.  What a weird day of coincidences.  I am hoping to be able to go to Fog Creek’s open house once they get completely moved into the new building.

Today was, obviously, an absolutely crazy day on the market.  The biggest Dow Industrial one day point drop in history.  Now that’s something.  It is neat working on Wall Street for things like this.  It was unfortunate that I wasn’t on the trading floor when it happened because that would have been even more interesting.

For lunch today, Katie and I went over to Adrienne’s Pizzabar on Stone.  They have the most amazing pizza there.

We couldn’t decide on dinner this evening so I just went to the deli at Eleven80 and got tuna salad sandwiches for Dominica and I and we ate while watching a little bit of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Dominica cooked for Oreo this evening but was really exhausted so she went to bed really early around eight thirty or so.

I stayed up for a while and got some work done including some of my class work for RIT.  I am a bit ahead of schedule for a change with my class this week.  That feels good.

I will be on Wall Street again tomorrow.  My walk in and out went pretty well today.  My back still hurts but it is getting better.  I am still taking two to three ibuprofens throughout the day.

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