September 5, 2008: Rochester IHOP is Famous

77 Days to Baby Day! (29 Weeks Pregnant)

In today’s XKCD, one of the most important comics on the web and a staple of Internet culture, makes mention of the Rochester IHOP where Dominica and I have eaten many times!  Very cool.  I feel that much more connected to XKCD now.

I discovered today that Questionable Content has been unblocked at the office.  That can’t last for long so I will be making use of the time to plat catch-up.  I am hundreds of strips behind.  Maybe even five hundred!

Anticipating your own incompetence is not a good interview strategy.  It is especially bad as the collegiate system so often does such a poor job at training people for the software development field.  Normally we assume that it takes several years away from college/university before a good developer will hit their stride and really learn what software development is all about.

It takes quite some time just before they learn to learn at a pace acceptable in IT because so often college learning is too slow and lenient to represent the ongoing pace of IT.  Believing that a recent college graduate will likely have more skills than you do with several years of actual development under your belt is a sad statement indeed.

Today I downloaded and began using Google Gears on Firefox.  There are not that many websites that yet use Gears so I signed up for an account with Remember the Milk to try out the Gears integration.  Gears is an interesting toolkit from Google that allows a website to have access to your desktop and to work offline.  The design is such that it allows application on the web to behave much more like traditional desktop applications.  It is used, of course, to enhance the Google Doc and GMail applications which is its obvious use.

For lunch, a group of us went out to the Full Schilling on Pearl.  It is very close and handy to the office.

In the news today there was an interesting article about how global warming is reducing the size of glaciers in Switzerland.  The retreating glaciers are leaving behind amazing artifacts including some of the oldest artifacts of their kind high in the Alpine mountains.

I wrapped up almost all of my work by five thirty.  But one team that I was working for had some files that they forgot to make available for me and I ended up getting stuck in the office for quite a long while into the evening waiting for the files to be made available.  So it was well after seven when I finally wrapped up.

Dominica and I decided that it would just be easiest, especially as I need to work tomorrow morning at eight in the morning, if I just picked up some McDonald’s on the way home this evening.  There is a McDonald’s in Newark Penn Station which makes that very easy.

I am going to post early tonight as I just don’t feel like logging on and updating once I arrive home, and since I now have Twitter keeping you up to date there really isn’t that much need.  So I will leave you with this from Questionable Content:

Questionable Content is dedicated to educating the world about our wily, bladed cousins to the North. Australians, on the other hand, have venomous spurs on their ankles which they use to immobilize their prey (drop bears). But you probably already knew that. Wil Wheaton is mostly defenseless, but will charm you with amusing anecdotes about life on the Star Trek: TNG set until you no longer feel like attacking him. Why were you attacking Wil Wheaton in the first place anyway? Are you a polar bear?

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