September 6, 2008: Tropical Storm Hanna Comes to Newark

76 Days to Baby Day! (29 Weeks and One Day Pregnant)

I left work around a quarter after seven last night.  It had cooled down a bit but was still very humid.  The tropical storm is pushing up in our direction pushing water laden air in front of it.  Tomorrow is going to be very wet.

My Office FloorOn the PATH train this evening I got to see real, unadulterated racism in action.  Coming from Upstate New York, I’ve never been exposed to anything like this.  Living in Newark, of course, prepares you a bit but this was crazy.

A woman on the train, with a group of supporters, was yelling at a poor and terrified Indian couple, one of whom was crying, telling them that they were not wanted in this country and that they could not speak English (I am paraphrasing of course as the woman screaming was only barely able to speak English and was yelling at people who probably had a rather extensive grasp of the Queen’s English) and she kept referring to them as A-rabs (is that a word?) and saying how they were evil and siding with the “white man” out to get everyone.  Her crew was chanting 9-11 in the background (apparently white New Yorkers and their Indian allies were behind the attacks?  This is a new one to me.)

It was very scary and there were terrified children on the train.  The group kept saying that they were going out to vote for Obama and that Obama would “take care” of all of the A-rabs and their white friends.  It was quite clear that they were confusing Obama with Osama and thought that Obama was being elected to lead a massacre of those would didn’t support the 9-11 attacks or something like that.  It was amazing that violence didn’t erupt on the train right there.

Luckily the woman was screaming and that brought the Port Authority Police rather quickly.  She was pulled from the train and arrested there.  Our train had to be held for them to remove her.  It’s amazing that someone so pro-terrorism and full of hatred could act out in such a way while inside of the World Trade Center.  People like this make me ashamed to be an American.  Although she was directing some of her rant at me, as the only white guy on the train that I saw, so maybe I am only ashamed that she is an American.

All I can say is, we are so ready to move out of Newark.

We ate our dinner and watched some Frasier. In the past two weeks the baby has really started to become active and not only can Dominica feel the baby moving around on a regular basis now but I can as well.  Once in a while you can even see it moving!  It is getting very exciting.

Up at eight to work for the office today.  That lasted for about four hours.  Dominica got up around ten and decided to spend the day watching “classic” movies.  She started with Fame. The “classic” selection from NetFlix on demand is pretty good.

I walked over to Airlie to pick up breakfast.  It is really humid and warm but completely overcast.  We got a little rain during the night but nothing so far this morning.

I had a migraine that got pretty bad this morning so around one, after I had wrapped up my scheduled morning work at the office, I took a nap until almost five.  That really helped.  At some point Dominica came in and napped with Oreo and I as well.  I had given Oreo a bath earlier so this gave him a chance to get all bundled and warm up while he dried.

After my nap I got back to work and Dominica watched Xanadu! Yes, with Olivia Newton-John.  Weird, weird stuff.  It is no wonder that her career ended abruptly with that movie.  What a disaster.

My latest shipment from Amazon came today.  My textbook for my class at RIT arrived, “Dynamic Software Development: Managing Projects in Flux” by Timothy Wells along with “CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions” and “Professionalizing Business Analysis“.

We ordered in dinner from Nino’s.  We definitely were not going to go out into the rain to look for food.  I feel bad for making the Nino’s driver come out.  He was in a yellow mac and looked pretty sad.  We tipped him better than usual.  What a bad day to have that job.

I took a short break from working to eat dinner and to watch a little bit of Frasier. After eating I went right back to the living room to keep working but Min and Oreo stayed in to watch the show.

I wrapped up my work for the office at eight thirty.  What a long day.  Now time for my RIT homework.

We watched some more Frasier before calling it a night.  I probably won’t sleep that much tonight after my long nap this afternoon, but at least I feel quite a bit more rested.

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