October 13, 2008: Swimming Again

39 Days to Baby Day! (34 Weeks and Three Days Pregnant)

14 Work Days Left for Dominica; House closing scheduled in 8 days.

First thing this morning we looked at Oreo and determined that he needed to go to the doggy hospital right away this morning.  His allergies are out of control and they need to be dealt with in some serious manner as soon as possible.  So Dominica called in to work and let them know that she would be running late and she took Oreo to the animal hospital at nine, just as soon as they opened.  She picked up breakfast and ate there waiting for them to have an opening or a cancellation as she was not able to get scheduled to see anyone until almost noon!  (And after that Oreo can’t go to daycare because they don’t accept the dogs that late in the day.)

It turns out that Oreo is having severe environmental allergies and needs some serious treatment.  Right away he is on a steroid series and will be getting a topical steroidal shampoo starting tonight and every few days.

This morning I finished reading the “No Fluff, Just Stuff Anthology 2007” edited by Neal Ford.

Dominica and I have been discussing the “14 more days of work” situation and it looks like she is actually going to extend that date a little bit.  We have not figured out the details of how this would work yet so we are not committing to any particular plan of action quite yet.  But after we move up to Peekskill she might put in another few days of work down in Totowa, New Jersey even though the commute is really long.  Figuring out what to do with Oreo those days will be the toughest part but I might just stay home with him on the off chance that we will be able to have Internet access hooked up un the house by that point.  (We are really worried about that because of the tiny window in which we have to get that hooked up before moving.)  So it is possible that Dominica will not actually be done at the end of the month but we do know that she can only do so much after the first.  Maybe four or five days tops.  The extra money is really important with the house, baby and everything else going on.

I worked from home for a little bit this morning just making sure that no one was waiting on anything.  Then I walked into the office on Wall Street.  It was a very quiet day.  Even the groups that do not have today off were all running at partial staff and lots of people were leaving after lunch so the day just got slower and slower.

For a late lunch, Dan and I walked down to the bottom of Whitehall and went to the New York Health and Racquet Club.  Dan did weights and I went swimming for forty-five or fifty minutes.  Just laps.  This is my first time swimming laps since 2002, I think.  By the time that I was done I was quite sore.

The afternoon flew by in no time.  Since today is a holiday and the office is mostly empty there was no reason to need to stay late this evening.  I left the office at around a quarter until six and headed for the train at the World Trade Center.

I had to give Oreo a special steroidal bath this evening.  He is such a good boy.  I told him that he needed to have a bath and he came into the bathroom all by himself without me calling him.  It was a long bath too.  Actually a shower.  He likes getting a shower but not so much a bath.  A shower is much warmer and probably feels really good on his back.  He loves to just stand in the shower.

The steroidal shampoo required me to put in on him and then to leave him standing in the bath for five to ten minutes to let the topical steroid treatment set in.  Oreo did not like this part very much.  Cold, wet dog standing in the bathtub was not his idea of an evening treat.  He was a very good little boy and put up with the cold and hopefully will not be itchy tonight.

Our evening was so busy that we just ordered in from Nino’s and ate while watching a single episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  It was a quick evening even though I made it home a little bit early.

Dominica and I have to be awake early tomorrow as our apartment inspection by the movers is at seven in the morning.  That means that I need to be awake at five thirty so that I can get ready before they arrive.

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