October 20, 2008: I Have a Health Club

32 Days to Baby Day! (35 Weeks and Three Days Pregnant)

9 Work Days Left for Dominica; House closing scheduled in 1 day.

The plan today was to go swimming.  Last week I had a trial membership at New York Health and Raquet Club down on Whitehall where I swam all week.  On Friday when leaving I asked at the desk to make sure that I could just stop in today and sign up for a membership so that I could continue swimming.  I thought ahead to verify that there would not be a lapse in my accessibility to swimming because once you break the habit of going every day it is quite difficult to get it started again.

So I was very disappointed when today Dan and I walked down to NYHRC, a half mile walk each direction, to sign up and start our membership and were told, after waiting for five minutes for them to find us a sales person, that we could not sign up at that location and would have to sign up back at the office and our membership cards would be mailed to us.  That means that we wasted this walk and wasted three days of stalling on our membership since we could have started that process on Friday but instead waited until today with the assurance that that would be no problem.

I tried signing up through the office but apparently they are not willing to put me onto the corporate plan because I am a consultant.  Normally this type of benefit applies to me as well but not this time.  So I called and worked out a three month membership.  I had to pay up front but it was only so much.  Instead of paying $75 per month which I thought that I was going to get I am not paying $123 per month which is significantly more, but it is about the only reasonable way that I am going to get to swim on my lunch breaks and that is extremely valuable.  Dan joined today as well so I have someone to push me to make sure that I go every day.

Today I installed Clojure at work and wrote my first Hello, World program to test it out.  Clojure is a very cool implementation of Lisp on the Java Virtual Machine.  So you get to write Lisp but with access to Java libraries and the speed of the JVM.  It is a great mix.

Work was rather slow this evening so I left just before six and walked down to my new health club and put in an hour or more swimming.  I really did not want to skip a swimming day.  Once I start skipping then I will never get into the habit.  It was a good workout.  Going after work definitely means that there is a larger crowd than when I go around lunch time.  Not many people actually want to work out during their lunch break, I don’t think.

It was really late by the time that I got back to Newark.  Dominica came outside to walk Oreo just as I reached the building.  He was very excited to see me.  He was in such a good mood tonight.  He was not acting like a dog who had played all day at daycare – way too much energy.

We ordered in Chinese for dinner from Golden City.  We watched one episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Nadine and Clarence were excited to get the Ledig’s bed table that they gave to us several months ago.  It is designed for a queen sized bed, like we have in Newark, but once we move to Peekskill we will have our “Super King” bed back and the table won’t even begin to fit over it.

Somehow it was almost midnight by the time that we got to sleep.  What a long day.  But now I know that I will get to swim tomorrow at lunch so that is good.

So far, everything is all set with the house.  We are moving forward nicely.  We are getting pretty excited.

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