October 21, 2008: House Preparations

31 Days to Baby Day! (35 Weeks and Four Days Pregnant)

8 Work Days Left for Dominica; House closing is tomorrow!

Today was crazy “do paperwork for the house” day.  As of today, all of the wire transfer authorizations are complete, everything is signed, everything is scheduled.  We are ready to go.  I even have the Internet access disconnect scheduled for the old apartment and the hook up ready for the new house!  Talk about being on the ball today.

The new house will be turned on by Cablevision at Wednesday morning, the 29th, while dad and aunt Sharon are there.  That will make the transition very simple.  Movers on Tuesday, Internet access on Wednesday morning, rest on Thursday (I won’t work from home since I will be reduced to a laptop on the living room floor,) Halloween party on Thursday night and then moving ourselves on Friday.

The weather was nice down here in the New York Metro today but dad said that it started snowing back home this afternoon.  They are even expecting to get an inch of snow tonight!  Hard to believe that it is time for snow back home when it is so nice here.  I am still wearing a short sleeved shirt, no t-shirt and no jacket and I walk for almost five miles each day outside.

I got home rather late this evening.  I was not hungry at all for some reason and decided to skip dinner.  Dominica was hungry so I went down to the deli downstairs and picked up dinner for her.  We watched three or four episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Then Dominica went to bed around eleven.  I was not tired at all and stayed up until almost one in the morning.

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day.  I am “off” from work and remembered to turn on my out of office assistant so that I would not have to worry about answering emails or anything while I am busy with the house stuff.  In the morning I have to drive Dominica to work so that I will have use of the car during the day.  Then, around eleven, I have to pick her back up from work with Oreo in tow and the car loaded down with our very first load of stuff bound for the new house.  This is one of our few opportunities to move fragile and difficult to pack items to get them out of our way so that it is easier for us to continue to pack the apartment.

At one in the afternoon we have the final house inspection in Peekskill.  At a quarter after two Dominica has her appointment with her midwife, also in Peekskill.  At two thirty we have the house closing in Katonah (obviously I am going alone while Dominica is at her appointment.)  Then, after the closing, I drive back to Peekskill, pick up Dominica and we take the first load of stuff to the new house.  It is going to be a very busy day indeed.

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