October 25, 2008: The Toccos See the New House

27 Days to Baby Day! (36 Weeks and One Day Pregnant)

5 Work Days Left for Dominica.

Today is our first day in which we get to return to our new home since having purchased it.  We are pretty excited.  Dominica and I both slept in this morning as much as we could because we knew that the weekend was going to be pretty exhausting and that we would need as much energy as possible.

Every minute that we had this morning was spent getting all of our storage containers out from under the bed, making sure that they were as packed full as they could be and then loading them into the car.  The trunk was so full that we could not see out of the back of the car at all.  Good use of space.

We managed to take several delicate items today as well, filling the back seat of the car with all of our miscellaneous paperwork from around the house (most of which is garbage but needs to be carefully sorted) as well as video game consoles, a box of photographs, etc.  We filled all of the back seat which was not already in use by Oreo.  Dominica also got to carry a plant on her lap while we drove.

It was almost one in the afternoon by the time that we made it to the house in Peekskill.  Dominica’s parents had just arrived five to ten minutes ahead of us.  They would have been there earlier but got pretty lost trying to find their way through Peekskill without a GPS.  Peekskill is a really tough town to get around and right now there is a ton of constructions and the main exit off of NY 9 that most people would use to get to us has been removed and a detour to South Street is necessary.  (Dad, did you catch that?)

So today was our first chance to actually show off the house to anyone.  Katie will get to see it on Sunday, we think, and then dad and aunt Sharon will see it on Tuesday evening.  I took a bunch of pictures of the house today, but the camera got left at the new house so I have no way to upload them today.  Dad needed pictures of the house to figure out how big the walls are for painting.  🙁

Oreo was very, very excited when he realized that we were back at his favourite house.  He was quite anxious to get out of the car and didn’t care that Dominica’s parents were there to see him.  All he wanted to do was to get into the house as quickly as possible.  He is just completely thrilled with the house.  It makes him very happy.

We gave the Toccos the grand tour.  Then Dominica opened baby presents from the family that her parents delivered to us today.  We got some really cool stuff.  We are in pretty good shape for when the baby arrives.  I think that we have almost all of the necessities at this point and are starting to get into the fun stuff.  We definitely don’t have a ton of stuff by any stretch but we have enough to be able to get the baby home from the hospital without there being a panic that we don’t have something critical.

Dominica’s mom knit a bunch of really awesome baby outfits too.  The coolest one is a hooded bear outfit in brown wool.  It is so adorable.  The eared hoodie on it makes it look a little like a Japanese pair of pajamas.

Around two thirty we went out for a late lunch.  Neither Dominica nor I had eaten anything all day.  Everyone recommended to us that we go down to Croton-on-Hudson to get lunch at a restaurant called Justin Thyme; so that is where we went.

Justin Thyme Cafe is in the weirdest location, but many things in Westchester are, and we would never have thought to have tried it on our own but the food was amazing.  What a great restaurant.  The have a large and extensive menu that Dominica and I are really eager to sample.  Today she tried their apple and walnut salad while I went for their veggie burger (which they make themselves, of course) both of which were awesome.  We all shared some appetizers too including potato skins with brie and cajun spiced waffle fries with cheese.  All very good.  No one had any room for dessert.

After lunch we went back to Peekskill where Dominica and her mom checked out the Cozy Corner Yarn Shop on Washington Street.  I guess that it was not very impressive, though.  They had a guard dog that growled and blocked them from entering the store and no one working at the store cared at all that they were stuck outside.  Once they finally got in, nothing was marked with prices and they only accept cash or cheque!  Who does that outside of the third world?  It’s like yarn shopping in China!

After the attempt at yarn shopping, we returned to the house for just a little bit before the Toccos got on to the road back to Frankfort before it got too dark out.  We stayed at the house for about half an hour before heading back to Newark so that we could continue packing.  There is still a lot to be done.

It had been raining lightly all day but on the drive home it turned pretty heavy making the drive very fatiguing.  We had been thinking about making another run tonight, there are things that need a special trip like the television yet, but we were both pretty tired and Ramona is coming over early tomorrow morning and helping us to pack so we decided that it would be better to just stay in and pack at home.

I managed to kick off some Handbrake jobs that I expect to run all weekend and into Monday that complete the conversion of all of the material that we currently have down here in Newark.  So I was able to get some more stuff packed because of that.

By eight we were both really tired and decided to take the rest of the night off and just watch some How I Met Your Mother on the AppleTV.  We are down to only the AppleTV as all of our other entertainment devices are packed like the Wii and the DVD player.  Tomorrow we intend to break down the television and the AppleTV as well.  This week is going to be so busy that there is very little opportunity for us to use either of them anyway.

At nine, the fire alarm went off in Eleven80.  We are in our final five evenings in Eleven80 and the fire alarm went off for us.  (Regular readers will remember the fire alarm problems that we went through when we first moved in here.)  It turned out to be a false alarm.  I would guess that it was caused by the excessive wind and rain that we have tonight.

It was around midnight when we finally got off to bed.  Ramona is expecting to arive around nine thirty tomorrow morning.  Then we will be off to the new house sometime in the middle of the afternoon.  Katie is considering meeting us out there to check it out.

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