December 19, 2008: Liesl’s First Snow Storm

We had a lot of warning about the storm that was coming today.  Almost no one went into the office anticipating that it was going to be very bad.  This, of course, caused a problem because the remote access equipment at work was overwhelmed and it took me over an hour just to log in […]

November 24, 2008: Completely Disgusted with Hudson Valley Hospital Center

Dominica is now 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant… I got to sleep in again.  This is five days of continuous eight hours or more of sleep every day.  This is unprecedented!  I can’t remember the last time that I was so rested. The federal governments backstop plan for Citi went through during the night […]

October 31, 2008: Happy Halloween and Welcome to Peekskill

Happy Halloween!  21 Days to Baby Day! (37 Weeks Pregnant) Today the baby is considered to be full term!  That means that if the baby comes today we are no longer considered to be premature but just simply “on the early side”.  It also means that the possibility of the baby arriving any day is […]

October 28, 2008: Moving Day

24 Days to Baby Day! (36 Weeks and Four Days Pregnant) 3 Work Days Left for Dominica. Today was one of the busiest, craziest days in a long time.  So much to tell, I am going to put the headlines for the day here for those without time to keep up.  Today: Dominica’s grandfather passed […]