September 30, 2008: Found a New Health Club

52 Days to Baby Day! (32 Weeks and Four Days Pregnant)

…had contemporary news editors existed back in the days when books were invented, they would have published big scary articles expounding on the dangers of reading a book while riding a horse or chopping firewood.  – Raymond Chen on the New York Times report that people engaging in an activity that requires their attention have a reduced ability to do other things at the same time which also require their attention.

Geekzine picked up one of my older articles.  Pretty cool, thanks, Geekzine!

I slept in a little this morning after staying up rather late last night working until one in the morning.  My back is about the same today as it was yesterday so apparently the walk into the office is not a problem.

It took a while before I was able to get enough done at home so that I would be able to leave.  I had the same problem yesterday.  Yesterday it was all that I could do to get out of the apartment in time to be able to have a one thirty lunch with Katie.  Today was not that bad but it was after noon by the time that I was in to the office.

Shreyash and I went down to Financier for lunch today.  I am watching what I eat a bit more closely now but I have been excited to try Financier’s ratatouille and goat cheese tart so I got that today.  Very tasty.  Dominica would really like it.  It is her type of food.

The afternoon was pretty busy but not too bad.  The market did a lot of recovery today.  A lot of the panic seems to be subsiding.

I talked to a friend, Dan “Mr. Crayfish”, about health clubs with swimming pools near Wall Street as he uses a local health club regularly and it turns out that he is in the process of shopping for a new health club himself.  So we looked around and found a health club down on Whitehall that has a swimming pool and participates in our company’s employee (or pseudo employee, like me) health club discount program.

The club that we found gives us a one week free trial membership through the company so we are going to take advantage of that next week and will be heading down to Whitehall on Monday to give the place a test swim.  Handily the club is right across the street from Katie’s office, literally facing it across the street, and her company pays part of the cost of her membership so she is thinking about giving it a try as well.  Katie swam varsity for four years in high school.

It was around seven thirty when I left the office with Shreyash and Suraj to walk to the World Trade Center.  My back is continuing to improve slowly.  The pain seems to have moved to more muscular and less disc related.

Dominica cooked dinner at home tonight.  She has made tamale pie from a box several times and we decided that making it from scratch had to be cheaper and better.  The box contains almost no beans and the whole thing is mostly cornbread with bean sauce on the bottom.  So tonight from scratch she made it with real vegetarian corn break (no lard, eww!) and lots of beans and corn on the bottom.  It was very good.

We watched a little Fresh Prince and Magnum P.I. and called it an early night.  I am up early tomorrow for my trip to Warren – which I have missed for the last several weeks.

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