November 25, 2008 Part 2: False Alarm, We Think

Well we went to the hospital and spent about three hours there.  At first everything seemed like we were all systems go.  Everyone agreed that it looked like we were progressing but then, after a while, they did some tests and they don’t think that the water actually broke and labor is not ready to begin.  The nurses and midwife were great.  (What a relief to not have to have had any lab tests done today!)  They were really supportive and in the end left the final decisions up to Dominica (and me but I’m useless here) and let her decide whether to wait it out or to induce.

Around five thirty Dominica decided that induction was a bad idea at this stage (early induction could trigger a c-section) and the baby needs to tell us when it is ready.  We live so close that there is no fear of traveling back and forth between home and the hospital.  So we went home.

The good news, though, is that with another day of monitoring and testing that the baby appears to be completely healthy and, if anything, overly active.  The baby is still moving like crazy in there.

We went back to the house, got dad and went to Pastel’s for dinner.  I ran into GameStop and picked up Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core for the PSP as it will give us something to do in case we get stuck for a long time at the hospital again.  We would use our Nintendo DS Lites but we managed to pack the chargers for them and they are lost in our boxes at the moment.  So until we find them the PSP has the only charger which we have yet happened to come across.

After dinner we made a quick run to the Stop and Shop for some quick necessities and then came back home and watched a few episodes of Mary Tyler Moore and had a fire in the fireplace.  Dominica went to bed around nine thirty and I am planning to go to bed at ten thirty (any minute.)  Dad is staying up for a little while manning the dwindling fire.

Tomorrow morning dad is planning to head back home for a week or a little less unless there is some immediate baby news.  We believe that Dominica’s parents are heading our way in the early afternoon and will probably be staying until Sunday night.  Depending on when the baby decides to make an appearance all plans will change.

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  1. Hey! I know it seems frustrating – just send me the angel! Be patient- that little love muffin will let you know when she’s done. AH! so excited! I just asked John what was going on – tell Min to not stress out -that child is already working you guys!! Tell Min to hold the baby in, squeeze butt cheeks together- it’s reverse psychology, works every time until she’s 7 and figures it out. Just like the toothfairy. (I was recenty caught by Sydney), she was disappointed – but now feels like she is on another “team” and is having fun talking to Frankie about it. Frankie is petrified to have her teeth fall out, I NEED them! Hug the Mother love muffin for me and let her know I really wish I was there so I am giving her a spiritual hug and kiss and let her know I am thinking of her & you too. sleep my dears, recharge for the ride of your lives. Always love, Michelle

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