December 16, 2008: Found a New MUD

I slept in until the last possible moment this morning before getting up and running down to the office to get to work.  Not that these is a lot of work to be done.  December is the best time of the year to work in technology support in banking and finance.  It is mostly coincidence that it ends up coinciding at the same time as the Christmas holidays but it works out perfectly to give everyone a chance to prepare for and to enjoy the holiday season and takes advantage of the time when everyone is going to be least productive anyway.

I stumbled upon a really interesting breakdown of the ethnic population density by region in New York State from Wikipedia.

Nothing much to report today.  I worked all day and Dominica watched Liesl.

I talked to Eric Millen tonight.  I managed to call him just minutes after he had been rear-ended while driving home and was still sitting in his car waiting for the police to arrive.

Katie and Dudley are coming over this weekend to bake cookies.

I stumbled across what looks to be a really cool MUD today: BatMUD.  The really cool thing about it is that it uses a very nice Java client rather than just traditional telnet which is a big drag for traditional MUDs.  The client works well and doesn’t compromise the style of gameplay while making playing more enjoyable and fun.

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