December 27, 2008: Liesl’s First Restaurant

Today Liesl turns one month old!  It is also her grandmother’s birthday.

Oreo, Dexter and I really slept in this morning.  It was probably after eleven when we finally got up.  We haven’t been getting really solid sleep so we have been sleeping in really late although it doesn’t seem to be making up for it because I am exhausted by around ten in the evening and Oreo is clearly tired all day.

We bought some WiiWare titles for Dominica’s mom for her birthday to have loaded onto the Wii like Tetris Party and Dr. Mario Online Remix which are classic Nintendo titles remade for the Wii console and available as downloads.  We were pretty excited to find that these games had been remade for the Wii via WiiWare because it means that they will have better graphics, work with the Wii controllers and have connectivity online which the original titles did not.  So that was a nice surprise since we had thought that we were going to be getting Virtual Console titles from the old NES.

This evening we went out to the Franklin Hotel in Rome, New York for dinner at six to celebrate Dominica’s mother’s birthday.  This is Liesl’s first trip ever to a restaurant!  She did very well.  She stayed in her car seat and slept through the entire event without waking up or making a peep once.

After dinner Dominica and I went out to Walmart and to Hannaford’s to do some shopping.  Dominica is looking for food that she can eat this week as she has not been getting enough protein.  It was around eleven thirty when we got done with dinner and shopping.

Oreo and I were off to bed pretty much as soon as we returned to the Toccos’.  Dominica stayed up with Liesl who, again, kept her up until after one in the morning.

Tomorrow my dad is coming out to Frankfort to visit for the day and then, in the evening, he is returning to Peoria and I am driving, along with Oreo, down to Peekskill where I will be all week.

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