December 28, 2008: Returning to Peekskill

Dad left home early this morning to get out to Frankfort ahead of the storm that hit western New York this morning.  The wind was so bad that while he was driving up i390 he was very tempted to turn around and head back home but once he was on to the NY Thruway (i90) heading east things improved so he decided to keep going.

It was around twelve thirty when dad finally arrived in Frankfort.  The drive took him a bit longer than normal.  Liesl was very sleepy by the time that he arrived and ended up being pretty drowsy for most of his stay.  They only got a very little time together but at least they got to see each other for the Christmas holiday.

Dad brought a big load of stuff from our storage to move to the new house.  Several boxes plus several large bags of bedding items were able to fit plus all of the new stuff from Christmas.  Now Dominica and I have to sort through all of the new stuff and figure out what to do with it.

The family all had an early dinner at two thirty so that dad could join us.  Then he hung out until four or so and then hit the road back to Peoria hoping to get home before it got too dark.

I left for home at six thirty.  I stopped at the Stewart’s in Frankfort and filled up on $1.82 gas which is amazingly priced for New York (it was $1.35 in New Jersey a few days ago!)  Then it was off to Peekskill.  The trip went by very quick and easily.  We made no stops and Oreo and I were home by nine thirty!  Pretty much exactly three hours of drive time.  Not too bad.

The first order of business after arriving at home was to turn the heat back on.  The house was around fifty degrees.  Then I unloaded the car which took about half an hour trudging back and forth from the car to the house.  Then Oreo needed to go for a walk.

I did a search of the house but there was no Nintendo DS to be found anywhere.  Our only guess is that it really is at the Toccos’ house and just missing.  We are thinking that there might be an entire container (bag, box, etc.) or things that we brought that is missing all together.  Dominica had also packed a book to give to dad today that we also could not find.  So there are at least two things missing that she remembers having packed together and both, I believe, were loose in the trunk.  So maybe they both got shoved into something that we have not yet looked at.

I checked the Google Analytics report on SGL and our readership levels have returned to pre-Liesl levels.  For a little while there, right as Liesl was being born, SGL readership tripled or possibly quadrupled as tons of people came to find out the latest news.  Now we are back to normal levels although, I wonder, if the Christmas holidays don’t bring down the readership somewhat as there are so many people traveling and everyone’s schedule is off so they tend not to read the site.  I know that during the holidays I do not post as often or as lengthily.  We will see if readership doesn’t pick back up after the holidays are past and people get back into their routines.

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