January 11, 2009: Katie Meets Liesl

Today was our one and only sleep in late day for the week.  With yesterday being a full work day just like any other I really needed the rest today.

We got up and it was straight to “prep for guest” mode.  Dominica got Liesl into a state where I could then take care of her (i.e. fed) and then she made a quick dash for the grocery store.  I attempted to take a shower but ended up taking a call from Oreo’s vet in Peekskill who was calling to follow up on Oreo’s condition.

We are really impressed that Oreo’s vet called us on a Sunday with his updated blood work results and to see how he was doing.  I don’t think that we have ever had a vet that would follow up over the weekend on a patient.  We are extremely happy to report that Oreo is much improved this morning.  Yesterday was a big improvement and then this morning he is a happy, excited dog looking to play and eat and spend time with us.  He is almost back to normal from his appearance.

Then it was back to the shower and then time to take care of Liesl before getting paged out.  I was stuck working for the office when Katie arrived.  This is her second trip to Peekskill to see us and the first one since we really moved into the house and since Liesl has arrived.  Dominica returned from the store just a few minutes after Katie arrived.

Katie hung out with us from about noonish until early evening.  She was a big help helping Dominica do some cleaning, especially in the kitchen, and then the two of them cooked a big dinner.  I ended up being paged over and over again throughout the day.  All in all I worked most of a normal day today.  Not much of a relaxing weekend for me.  I ended up missing dinner and only half got to eat with the girls after they had done so much work to prepare dinner.

In between pages I managed to get the Nintendo Wii hooked up in the living room.  We have not had it hooked up since we packed it for the move and since then we have gotten the Wii Fit and have not yet tried it.  Katie has never played a Wii before so we wanted her to check it out.  The Wii really looks awful on the 52″ LCD.

I had to work almost the entire time that Katie was visiting but at least she and Dominica got to spend some time together and a lot of house cleaning was completed too.  I can see Katie when I am working in the city so it is much more important for her to get to see Dominica.

Katie left around sixish and Dominica and I did some Wii online shopping.  We got Dr. Mario Online so that we can play against her family online.  We also got The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Virtual Console.  OoT is Dominica’s all time favourite game and even though I owned it back in the day on the N64 in 1998 I never really played it as it didn’t seem to be fun at all.  A lot of that was because it was promoted by the press as an RPG and it is not at all an RPG but a very prototypical action-adventure game which left me extremely disappointed.  Now, with all of the hype that it has received over the years, I decided to give it another go.

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