January 12, 2009: Liesl Turned Over

Today is a big day in baby Liesl world.  Today she turned herself over for the very first time!  I was not there to see it, of course, as I was in the basement office working.  Liesl’s awake time is during the day so her most active moments happen while I am working.  I heard Dominica cheering and guessed what had happened.  Liesl is doing really well.

Oreo is contuining to feel better and better.  He is not happy about the continuing bland diet but he is happy and healthy again.

I found out the exciting news today that Fable 2: Knothole Island downloadable content is going to be released tomorrow (Tues, Jan 13th.)  I am so excited.  I have been looking forward to this for a month or more.  I will be getting that the moment that it releases for sure.  It is going to be 800 Live Point on XBOX Live which is exactly $10, I believe.  There are patches and some extra content available for free to anyone with Fable 2 too so don’t forget to check out the DLC even if you don’t plan to buy the expansion.

Work was fairly busy today.  Nothing abnormal.

At the end of the day, just before the post office closed, I ran down to the Beach Shopping Center to mail out some letters, warranty cards and to return a Netflix disc.  I swung into GameStop to check out the used game deals.  I ended up coming home with Mass Effect and Grand Theft Auto IV, both used and both for the XBOX 360.

This evening, Dominica and I watched College Road Trip, the G-rated Disney movie with Raven-Symone.  It was cute.  Nothing special.  Raven is always enjoyable.

I set up the XBOX 360 in the basement and got it set up to be online for the first time.  That worked pretty well.  I got it installed with the latest updates, set up an XBOX Live profile for myself and made sure that everything was ready for tomorrow’s release of Knothole Island.  I have the 360 hooked up to the 16″ Westinghouse LCD that I have in the basement at the moment until we get it mounted in the kitchen.

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