January 15, 2009: Getting Into the Post Holiday Groove

“The impact of the impossible is often rather small.”

Boy is it a cold day today.  I am so thankful that it is so much warmer here than so many other places that I have lived in the past.  We got down to around fifteen degrees in the middle of the day but the sun was out and I was still able to walk Oreo in my pajamas and fleece jacket and no gloves, hat, scarf, winter coat, etc.  Oreo was wearing his t-shirt and fuzzy sweater.  He did fine though.  He was not nearly as cold as he gets when the snow is deep and wet.  That is the worst for him.

The basement is extremely cold today.  My feet feel like they are going to fall off.  It would be very cost prohibitive to attempt to keep the basement warm.  There is no point, really, it is just me down here.  Oreo chooses to remain in the living room with the warm people when it gets this cold down here.

Today was an extremely busy day at the office.  Probably the busiest yet this year.  Dominica really needed some help with Liesl this afternoon, but I was so busy that I couldn’t leave the basement.

It was late by the time that I was able to go upstairs and join Dominica for dinner.  We ate butternut squash pasta and watched some of the second season of The Dick Van Dyke Show.  Then, after dinner, Dominica decided that she felt like reading so she read a book and I took the opportunity to play some Oblivion on the PS3.

This was my first time playing Oblivion on the new television and I can honestly say that the 720p cap output on that game from the PS3 really shows on the 1080p LCD.  It doesn’t really look any better than the old television did (bigger, but not really better) while the upgrade to Fable 2 was tremendous.  Anyone who says that you can’t see the difference between 720p and 1080p needs to be declared legally blind.  It is a significant difference that you should notice immediately.  I don’t have very good eyesight and it was glaringly obvious the moment that the game started that there were scaling issues and that the scenes were pixelated in comparison to Fable 2.  Now I am quite envious of Andy who played Oblivion on the PC with much higher resolution than my version and full 3d (with polarized glasses.)  Really makes the console version look sad.

Today was a really rough day for Liesl. She was quite unhappy all day long.  We don’t know if she just had a tummy ache or what but the entire day she was quite distraught.  We are all glad that today is finally over.

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