January 16, 2009: Short Friday, Sort Of

Today I got the wonderful surprise of starting work and then finding out that not only is today a short day with the market closing at two in the afternoon but that Monday is a holiday!  So it is a long weekend for me.  Yay!  We are thinking about shopping for some window dressing for the living room this weekend.  We need to them to help insulate the house.  The big window in the living room is a big heat sink sucking the money right out of the house all winter.

The weekend might be a long and much needed break but today was a completely crazy, long day.  Everyone rushing to get work done prior to the weekend.  I spent the entire day just running from one request to another.  Very exhausting.

Lucking today ended on the early side (whatever that means) so I was able to wrap up around the time that I would be done on a normal day rather than on a normal Friday.

It occurred to me that I have now been working in IT for fifteen years (I started in 1994) and that I have been a consultant for a decade (started consulting in 1998 or 1999.)  Now I feel old.

After work Dominica decided that she wanted to read (she has some new novels from Amazon) and so I spent the evening playing Oblivion on the PS3.  I managed to knock of several quests tonight.

I have nothing major planned for the weekend.  It is my first weekend off in a while.  Ramona is planning on stopping up to Peekskill on Monday afternoon.  It will be her first trip to the new house and her first time seeing Liesl.

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