January 27, 2009: Impromptu Katie Visitation

I was pretty exhausted when I went to bed last night.  I got a real night of sleep but not enough to do any real catchup for today.  I am still pretty tired.  The weather turned again today and the clear days that we have had recently are gone and a little snow has started again.

Work was usual, nothing worth mentioning.  I have been busy but not impossibly busy.  Just normal busy, I guess.  SGL has been taking a beating recently.  I have been doing a lot of switching from one task to another which makes it really hard to focus on writing SGL every day.  My day usually involves getting out of bed and going to straight to work, coming upstairs for lunch with Dominica and normally spending a while with Liesl, then working all afternoon until six thirty.  After six thirty I can normally come up to the living room and have dinner and visit with Dominica and Liesl (and Oreo) for most of the evening making just periodical stops down to the basement office to make sure that everything is okay at the office.

There is no real way for me to work on SGL, or anything else, while not in the basement office.  I am rapidly pulled from one task to another almost so fast that I get very little chance to sit still for any length of time.  We would love to be able to play video games, read books, write SGL or whatever in the evenings but there is so much to be done that pretty much all that we can do is turn on the television (Hulu or Netflix via the PS3) and put something on in the background.  I am lucky to get to watch half of whatever is on between trips to the basement, kitchen and outside to walk Oreo.

We decided today that since several of the plants are having a horrible time making it in the living room and since there is absolutely no space to spare at all that we are going to move some of them up to the nursery and will open up the blinds in there and start heating that room.  The plants will get dramatically more light up there than they will in the living room or especially the basement.  They will also be warmer as the basement is very, very cold.  The fear, of course, is that by having to heat an additional room that our heating bill will go up quite a bit.  That room was previously kept closed with the blinds down and large cardboard boxes up against the blinds as insulation.  Now it will be a large heatsink sucking the heat out of the house.  I expect it to be a pretty major power loss.

After work this evening, Katie decided to come up to join us for dinner.  She left home around a quarter after six and made it to our house just minutes before seven.  Forty-five minutes is not too bad for traveling from Nyack to Peekskill during rush hour since she was going in the direction of rush hour traffic.

Katie visited around eleven or so before heading home.  Her trip back home to Nyack took only thirty-five minutes which makes sense considering the time of day.

Dominica and I stayed up while Liesl slept in her swing and we watched Secretary which came from Netflix.  After the movie it was definitely time for bed.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be pretty bad. Lot’s of snow and slush.  Maybe freezing rain.  I will definitely be at home all day tomorrow.

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