January 28, 2009: It’s a Snow Day

I have been working hard trying to get caught back up with SGL.  Once you fall behind on a blog like SGL it is extremely difficult to get caught back up again.  If you are not writing the current day “as it happens” then it is orders of magnitude harder.

Today is a snow day for most everyone in the area.  We got a lot of snow overnight and by mid-morning it was turning to rain and the ground was turning to slippery slush.  We are very thankful that we are traveling nowhere today or tomorrow.  Originally I was scheduled to go into Warren tomorrow but due to weather and some other circumstances at the offices that will most likely be next week instead which is best, that is a lot of driving on slush.

Work was normal today.  We have fallen into such a routine here that there is very little to mention.  One thing that has been going well is our diets.  We are both trying Weight Watchers and using the Wii Fit to track our progress and it is going well.  Eating at home for almost every meal really makes a difference.  It is easy to eat healthy when Dominica is cooking every meal and the idea behind Weight Watchers is really just to make you track and think about what you are eating.  The Wii Fit adds in a really simple way to track progress in weight/BMI and in exercise which motivates in additional ways.  It all fits together really well.

We have been watching Major Dad recently.  Dominica only saw a little bit of the show either from reruns or possibly from its original run.  I mostly forgot the show until we started watching it and it all came flooding back.  I have remembered every single episode.  I must have watched this show religiously all through high school but did not remember very well.  I definitely knew that I had watched the show but had no idea that I would still know every episode.  The show started in 1989 and is a “by the book” 1980s sitcom that ran into the early 90s ending in 1993 (the culture of the 80s, that which the 80s is most famous for producing, actually ran from around 1983 – 1993, prior to 1982 the 80s was more of an extension of the 70s.)  The show had the “benefit” of running before the war with Iraw began in 1991 but was able to deal with the subject directly as the show was about a Marine family.

Tonight was an early “to bed” night.  I need to catch up on some sleep.  I tried to go to bed starting around ten but, around eleven, Dominica and Liesl managed to get to bed before I did.  But I did get to bed before eleven thirty which is quite early for me these days.

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