January 29, 2009: Xen Server Builds

I actually woke up on my own this morning before I actually had to get up.  Boy did that feel good for a change!  I finally got more than eight hours of sleep last night and did a little catching up on my lack of sleep that I have been getting recently.

The sun was back out today.  Awesome, loads of sunshine illuminating the house.  Oreo and the plants were exceedingly pleased.

I forgot to mention that last night Dominica finally got a chance to play some more of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None on the Nintendo Wii.  We are very glad that the Adventure Company has decided to start releasing some titles for the Wii and the DS.  There are two Agatha Christie Wii titles ported over from the PC already.  If the first one continues to keep up the quality I am sure that we will be getting the second one as well.

I was supposed to have driven down to Warren, New Jersey today to work out of that office but the weather is still not great and the event that I was going to be going to was rescheduled so I decided not to take the time out for the travel.  Three hours of driving round trip (in good conditions without being in all rush hour traffic) is a lot of extra driving.

Work was pretty much normal today.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Busy most of the day but not too busy.

Dominica made lentil casserole (a very thick stew) for dinner tonight.  It was very good.  Basically a really heavy stew of lentils and carrots.  We watched Major Dad most of the evening.

I spent a lot of the evening working on some Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 server builds.  I have been doing my first large round of server builds on the Xen virtualization platform.  Building servers on Xen is quite the pleasure compared to building them on VMWare Server – at least when it comes to Linux builds which are mostly automated in Xen on RHEL.

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