February 24, 2009: Photo Day

My last day of being only thirty-two.  Boy the years just fly by.  This morning I got started with work right away and worked solid until a little after noon.

After noon, there was some good sunlight coming in the living room windows so I pulled the Ottoman over into the sunlight and set up the diorama that I finished last night so that I could take a series of pictures of the diorama as well as my locos and rolling stock.  The pictures turned out quite well.

I am very happy with how the diorama turned out.  The pictures were the true test.  The pictures turned out well enough, I think, to look just as good as the pictures that they put into the big model train magazines.  I only have one or two angles that I can use with the tiny layout that I have but what is there looks really good.

Dominica and I can’t wait until we have a chance to work on the real, working layout.  It will take us a bit of time to get it to the point where it is ready for pictures but we will get there. Dominica is anxious to get to the store to pic up paints and other modeling supplies that we need to get started.  The real layout has thirteen model buildings that we have already picked up and we will be getting started on those right away so that we don’t have all of them waiting for us after we have the trains running and the scenary completed.

This afternoon I managed to get a lot of pictures uploaded to Flickr.  Check out the Flickr feed for tons of new Liesl pictures including her pictures taken with Landen Laguna on Sunday.

Tonight Dominica and I watched the first of the Miss Marple Mysteries from the BBC.  Dominica has never seen them before.  I have not seen them in years.

We tried to go out shopping tonight but I got stuck working a long day and it was after eight when I was finally able to emerge from the basement and we figured that the shop would either be already closed or closed shortly after we would have arrived.  So we gave up on that idea and just spent the evening at home.

Late in the evening Dominica decided that she needed to make a run to the grocery store.  So I stayed home with Liesl and Oreo while Dominica did her grocery shopping.  I watched the remaining episodes of Knight Rider on Hulu while Dominica was out.  It is a super cheesy show but I enjoy it for some reason.

This week has really gotten away from me and I am working hard to get caught up on my blogging.  Neither Dominica nor I am able to really remember today.  It just went by in the blur.

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