February 25, 2009: Thirty Three

Dominica got up early this morning and went to Shop Rite to do some birthday grocery shopping before I got up.  I did not sleep as late as she had thought and I was awake when she returned home so she was unable to surprise me with breakfast in bed.

Dominica picked up cupcakes for my birthday.  We did not want to get a full cake as it would just encourage us to eat too much.  The shop did not have the right cupcakes so Dominica had them make some special ones just for me.

Dominica cooked my favourite breakfast, Egg Beaters on wheat toast with veggie cheese (a soy product, not a dairy one) with maple syrup flavoured veggie sausage.

I did not get very much time to spend with Dominica and Liesl today for my birthday.  Work was quite busy and I was stuck in the basement all day and only barely had any time to come up for lunch.

I never came up with what I wanted for my birthday but today Dominica came up with the idea of getting me a solid state drive based Acer Aspire One running Linpus Linux, a Red Hat variant.  It is a small netbook style laptop which is just one kilogram.  It is very small with an 85% size keyboard – perfect for working in the evenings.  The full-sized HP laptop that I normally use is too large and clumsey to use in the evenings.  Working from the couch in the evenings is difficult to do and having something smaller and lighter would work much better.  It would be especially handy to have a Linux-based machine from which to work as almost everything that I do is on UNIX.

This evening we finally got an opportunity to watch Joss Whedon’s new series Dollhouse starring Eliza Dushku which we have been wanting to watch since it came out.  It is available on Hulu so we are able to watch it.  It is pretty good so far.  We watched the first two episodes.

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