February 28, 2009: The End of February

It took me a few minutes this morning when the alarm went off to figure out what was even going on.  I was really tired and did not want to get up at all.  I did manage to get between five and a half and six hours of sleep but I was still feeling pretty tired.

I got to the work for the office just before nine.  I am very glad that I was at least able to sleep in as late as I did.  There was a bit of work for me today so I got right to it.

Dominica and Liesl did not sleep in very long.  They were up around ten and came down to the living room.  Oreo had gotten up with me and spent much of the morning moving from one part of the house to another.  He was very restless today.

I ended up working until after one in the afternoon.  Never a real break for me.  Then I showered and before two Dominica went out to do some shopping.  She went to the grocery store and then on to A.C. Moore to pick up much needed modeling supplies.  She was gone for about two hours.

No sooner was Dominica out shopping than I got paged back to work so I had to work for another hour or more.  Getting paged out every time I am watching Liesl makes it very hard to take care of her.

This evening we watched a few episodes of Murder She Wrote and then watched Journey to the Center of the Earth on BluRay.  Journey was cute and had some good people in it but was very silly.  In some theaters it was shown in 3D and a lot of the show was cheesy computer graphics just for effect.  We enjoyed the movie though and neither of us have ever read the book.  The movie is not based directly on the book but is more of a sequel than anything else.  Both Dominica and I were thinking that we should read it as it is a classic.  So I picked it up from Audible.

Here is something interesting – the nation of Iceland has a population roughly identical to the population of the greater Utica, New York area!  It is hard to believe that there is a country with so much land and a population so small.  It is amazing how much larger the state of New York is in population than Iceland.  Iceland is about a third the size of the population of Monroe or Erie counties.  Roughly ten times the population of Wyoming County.

We actually managed to relax a bit this evening which was very nice.  I spent a lot of the evening working on getting SpiceWorks completely set up and working the way that I wanted it to do.  I recently moved from SpiceWorks 3.5 to 3.6 and am finding it to be working much better for me now.  I have it authenticating to Active Directory now as well.  I have also gone through and done everything that I needed to hit 100% on my SpiceMeter.

There are several features desperately needed yet in SpiceWorks like Solaris compatibility (it falsely reports data from Solaris boxes), Active Directory for all users not just Help Desk users and SSL security instead of open HTTP only.  Progress is being made, though, and SpiceWorks is a pretty nice product for small shops.  Each release has made some good progress over the last one.  I look forward to seeing what they do with it in the future.  The system also pretty slow but they are actively working on the speed issues.  The system is built on Ruby which is very cool.

We were pretty worn out by the end of the evening and went to bed around midnight.  At least that is when we tried to go to bed.  Anytime that I am really tired and looking to get to bed is always the time that Oreo decides that he not only needs to go outside for a walk but decides that he needs to do so twice in a row giving me just enough time in between to take off his harness and leach, my shoes, jacket, etc. so that we have to go through it all again.

Tomorrow I have no work scheduled and we do not have to travel anywhere.  We should be able to relax some tomorrow.

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