Linux Active Directory Integration with LikeWise Open

I downloaded the latest RPM package (for Red Hat, Suse, CentOS and Fedora) from the LikeWise web site (you need to register before starting your download.)  I downloaded the RPM package to the /tmp directory.  The version that I am testing is the Winter 2009 Edition.

Warning: LikeWise modifies many configuration files and its uninstall routine does not replace these.  Installing LikeWise and then uninstalling again will likely cause you to lose the ability to log back in to your machine.  Treat modifying authentication systems with the utmost care.

The RPM download still uses a script so you will need to add execute permissions.

chmod a+x


The package steps you through the installation program.  You will need to accept the license as there are actually several packages, covered under various licenses, that need to be installed to support LikeWise.  If you are installing on an AMD64 platform then you will be questioned as to whether or not you want to install 32-bit support libraries.  Unless you really know what you need just select the “auto” option.  After that, the installation will take care of itself.

If you use SELinux like you should, you will need to turn this off during the configuration.

setenforce Permissive

Then we can join the Linux machine to the Active Directory domain.

/opt/likewise/bin/domainjoin-cli join domainadminuser

At this point basic authentication is already working.  You will need to make some changes to your setup if you have existing accounts as well, but we can address that later.

Test your login:

ssh -l exampledomain\\username linuxhostname

Once you are all set do not forget to turn SELinux back on.

setenforce Enforcing

The big caveat with using LikeWise Open for your Unix to AD integration needs is that there is no Windows to UNIX GID/UID mapping so your UNIX (Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX, etc.) machines are stuck using Windows IDs.  This is not necessarily the end of the world depending on your environmental needs but it can be quite a pain if you are introducing AD into a large, established Unix environment.  LikeWise Enterprise does not suffer from this limitation, but it is obviously not free.

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