March 10, 2009: Very Busy Week Continues

Today was a crazy, long day.  There is so much work going on that I am really getting backed up on work and with SGL.  Work has been really exceptionally busy this week and I am feeling pretty worn out.

This morning Dominica ran out to do some quick shopping and to mail a package and some letters that needed to go out.  So I watched Liesl and Oreo for a while.  Liesl was awake and we spent an hour or so playing together which was nice.  Normally only Dominica ever gets to play with Liesl in the mornings.

I worked like crazy all day and actually had to skip lunch because so much was going on.  It is looking like posting on SGL are going to be pretty lean this week.  I am doing what I can to stay on top of it but no matter what I do I am falling farther and farther behind.

I thought that I was going to be able to wrap up at a decent time tonight.  I came up and tried to have dinner with Dominica and was at least able to eat with her before having to return to work for the office.  Tonight she made this awesome pizza casserole thing for the first time that we both really liked.

I had to go back to work and did not get a chance to quite for the night until almost eleven thirty 🙁

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