March 11, 2009: And the week continues…

This week has been so busy that I am having a really hard time keeping up.  I am pretty much working from morning until night and the days are just blending together.  I am having a really hard time remembering what I am doing each day.

Today was overcast and drizzly all day.  It did not get too cold even though it looked like it might.  It never dropped below forty.

It was another really busy day at the office.  I had to skip lunch almost entirely making it so that I really did not get a chance to see Dominica and Liesl all day.

Between this afternoon and this evening Dominica managed to squeeze in enough time to do three of her lessons for her UNIX Administration class.  She made really good progress and is about two-thirds of the way through her third class.  Her goal is to wrap up her currently class and to complete the next one by the end of the month so that she can complete her certificate program before we have to pay another lab fee.

We are thinking that she is very likely to attempt the Database Administrator program through the same school when she is done with her current program.  She is learning a lot and the way that the courses are laid out is keeping her motivated to keep learning.  It is really not too expensive considering how much she is getting out of the whole thing.

I tried to wrap up work early but had a few phone calls and more work that needed to be done.  I ended up being on the phone almost all evening and then, when I was finally trying to come up stairs to spent time with Dominica and Liesl, I got paged and had to go back to work.  Another extremely long day.

After I was completely done with work around eleven thirty we attempted to watch Don’t Mess with the Zohan on BluRay but got about half an hour into the show before we discovered that the disc was no good and would not play.  So we have to wait for another copy of it to come.

I’m sorry for the short updates this week.  I am doing what I can to keep up.

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